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Your truth


In the world full of chaos, which in fact we as humans create, the only thing we can do is to trust ourselves. It is not easy either, as we have not been raised to do so. We have been raised by always being told what to do, how to act, what to feel, what not to do and so on. We have been raised like that and we continue doing this. 

In this chaos, we need to remember one thing. Each of us is a Soul on a journey. This is not something we have been taught either, instead we think we are just bodies with brain. But we are far more than that. 

When we realise that we are a Soul on a journey and the journey is to experience and grow, we know that our Soul always knows best what we need. Your Soul does not need rules, because your Soul acts from the level of the higher consciousness and in connection with something greater, with the Spirit. It is only when we act through our lower instincts that we need rules and control.

We know that our Soul learns through experience and consequences. Because when we take actions that are according to our own truth, we are always on the right path, our Soul path. And if we don’t like the consequences, the results of our actions, if they cause us stress, pain, etc, we are off our path. This is how we grow, because these are our lessons. When the result we experience makes us feel calm and joyful, we are on our Soul path. This is the most simple way to recognise whether you are acting in truth with your Self.

Without knowing and experiencing consequences of our own actions, we are not able to grow. 

When we listen to others, instead of listening to ourselves, we don’t experience the consequences and therefore, we do not take over responsibility for our actions. Because when we listen to others and do what they tell us to do, we give away our responsibility and will always look for someone to blame, if the action taken have caused us pain, stress, unhappiness, sickness or the like.

If we tell others what to do, we treat them like children and therefore, they will act like that. 

We become responsible for the people whom we tell what to do, whether we agree with that or not, on the energetic level, we are. We share their karma, which means the consequences of their actions.

It is very important to remember, that as we are sovereign beings, we carry full individual responsibility for our own lives. No one has the right to tell the other or force the other for any action, because no one knows another’s Soul’s path. In fact, in majority, we don’t know our own and the best way we can do is to focus on ourselves, take responsibility and follow own’s path.

It is only when you are able to be fully responsible for yourself, you care being responsible for others.

It is only when you trust yourself, you know whom and what to trust and you don't need anyone to tell you so.

Your truth is your responsibility.

Your responsibility is your Soul.

Your Soul is your truth. 

With love,

Marta ???

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