Your space is You


“Declutter your home and make space for new” was supposed to be the first title of this post, but as we do things, the story evolves....

Decluttering may be a very spiritual act. Why spiritual? Because it is a movement of energy. 

Your home is you 🙂

What and how we take care of our home or other space is a reflection of our inner state.

There is of course no right solution and answer to what a space should be like, each of us is different. Just looking around may bring us some answers.

Some of us like antiques and baroque style, some of us like traditional, simple or practical things, others like very modern spaces. Our taste may also change with time. It is my case, but most of all I like my place to be cozy and beautiful, beautiful for me, because I need to feel good in my space. And you need to feel good in your space too! Remember, your home is you.

When we keep much old stuff, that we don’t use, perhaps it is a good time to check these things and do some decluttering. If we feel stuck, heavy, anxious, or frustrated, it is good to look around and make some changes. 

Old medicines, old food, old clothes and shoes, dead plants and many others. All this is stuck energy. Especially old medicines, old food, and dead plants! Old cables and chargers that we don’t use, some old papers, some other small devices, broken things. If we really don't use these things, can’t or don’t want to fix them, it is time to say goodbye! Goodbye to these energy blocks that affect our flow.

It is also always good to check our reactions when we think about throwing away something. The most common one is I guess: “it will be useful”. Hmm, sometimes yes, but in fact, some things that we haven’t used for years, are we really going to use them? I make my declutter regularly, although now I really don’t have so many things, especially clothes, compared to what I had in the not so long ago past, every time I have the same hesitation with some stuff. And guess what? I still have some things, very little tough, but still, that I don’t want to get rid of, as they are connected with some memories, good memories. And perhaps this is ok too. Maybe the time will come for them as well, who knows!

One thing is sure, if we want to make an energetic space for something new and fresh, we need to get rid of the old, the old, that we don’t need. The old that makes us heavy and stuck.

As we do so, we shift our energy and this is reflected in our space. As we do so, we feel lighter and refreshed. I believe that if you are doing this, you know what I mean 🙂 

What is it in your space that you haven’t used for a long time and still can’t make the move to get rid of it?

Are there any broken things in your space that you haven’t done anything with?

What can you do with the things that you don’t need or don't want anymore?

Just look around and you will feel and see the answers.


As I am writing this post, of course I started my decluttering. Even though in my physical space there are not so many things, the energetic space is also the electronic space. So, I needed to clear my cookies history in the browser, because I had some issues with downloading images, so I did that. As I cleared it and wanted to log in to my fb account, my browser didn’t remember my data anymore (it is nice to rely on a browser, but aren’t we relying too much…? ;)). That wouldn’t be a problem, but the email address I’ve had for this account, is the one, I haven’t been using for ages (what a wonderful manifestation of my own words above! Haha). What is even more interesting, I realised that this account is not active anymore. It started already some time ago, when I logged in to that account (when I still could) as I needed to find some important correspondence with the tax office. When I logged it, I saw that my mail was completely empty! Just one notice: “as you haven’t used your account for more than 12 months, we have removed all your history”. At first, I was a bit upset, but then I thought, ok, this means, that some of the things just disappear when you use other. But on another hand, I thought, that if this was a matter I could only solve by getting information from my email box, how could I do it? Someone else decided for me in some way or maybe I have agreed to that by accepting the “Terms and conditions” automatically, without being fully aware of what am I agreeing to?

Another situation was just recently when one of my friends wanted to send me something and she sent me a print screen that my email address is not valid. Interestingly, she has the email address that I use and we had communication through it just recently, but for some (obvious) reason, she tried to send it to the old one. 

Anyway, I had to take a few steps to log in to my fb account, but I still need to solve this issue, as the old email address is how I log myself to the fb account.

For now, this is just fb, but in the world of technology and extremely fast-changing environment, we really need to be mindful of more and more things. We can easily see how things are connected with one another, how one step or one small change affects other things in our lives. How old things are being replaced with new. How do we need to let go of the things that we don't need anymore. How shall we manage our data and how much can we rely on technology in general. How much control over it do we have personally and where is the responsibility?

Many questions and issues are constantly coming to my mind as I am getting more and more into the technology world through my own business.

Surely, it gives a lot of opportunities, yet also a lot of risks.

So, I started this article with home decluttering and ended up with technology. From physical to non-physical. All is connected. 

We learn through technology and through matter. All is energy and so we are. We affect and interact with everything around us as what is around us is a reflection of what is within us.

With love,

Marta ?☯️

Pictures: AdobeStock, 1st: ronstik, 2nd: metamorworks

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