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Your dreams are waiting for you


What if I told you that if you have your dream, it means that it already exists in your energy field and in the collective energy field-the Universe. If it exists in your energy field and in the Universe, it means that it is real! If it is real it means the only thing you need to do is just grab it and bring it into physical reality. How? By tuning your vibrations to the same frequency as your manifestation, your creation, your dream! 

You see, in the Universe anything that exists can be brought into physical plane through vibrations. You are the vibration and frequency that shall bring it here. 

The Universe is a constantly evolving, expanding and growing energy field. Consciousness experiencing itself through dual nature of things. The duality in this case means, that when there is a problem, there is also a solution. And overlapping the duality is to combine a problem and a solution into action, the manifestation, that is best for the highest good, which means for the Universe. 

When certain density of energy has been reached, the crumbling happens for the new aspects of Universe to occur. The void is let’s say a dark aspect of consciousness as the void is usually depicted as a big black whole, it is emptiness.

Through this crumbling a void is being created and because Universe does not accept emptiness for too long, the creation starts to happen in the void. 

A creation of something that is needed in the Universe, because the Universe knows best what is needed for the highest good. The Universe knows how to solve any issues and problems and our job as humans is to tap into those SOULutions and bring them into physical reality.

The crumbling is just a collapse of certain energetic frequencies which are no longer aligned with the overall frequency of the Universe. When they crumble, they create space for new frequencies to occur, higher frequencies, that fill in the void. 

What my intuition tells me and I have no idea whether it is true or not, but I believe that in the energetic space the solution comes first, it is being created first. I believe it happens because in order something old to crumble, the new must already exist in the energetic space, a certain attractor must occur for the old one to collapse, to hold the whole structure together. It would mean that the problem wouldn’t have happened, occurred, if there had been no solution to solve it. 

Sounds a bit abstractive? Maybe, but it is just science. Everything is energy and it all starts there.

Now, what all this means for you? The solution that is needed could be your idea, your dream!

If your idea is there, it means that it is needed, if it is needed, it means, your customers and companions are also there, first in the energetic space and you are already connected. When you step out and reach out, spot them on, you will get connected in the physical reality as well.

Now, more than ever we need new, high vibrational solutions in order for us and the Planet to first survive and then to thrive!

What is often blocking you from getting your dreams and ideas come true is your fears, doubts and a sense of lack, all built in as a system of your believes, wired into your brain and your body. These low vibrational energies keeps you where you are and stoping you from moving forward. But don't worry, we can handle that!

So let the void happen and grab your ideas from Universe, make them real!

Stay tuned as I am working on the special program to bring your dreams and ideas into reality!

And I would be happy to guide you in this process. ☯️

Let’s tune in ?

With love,


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