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Soulful work and soulful business


A soulful work is a work in which you use your full potential.

Soulful business is a business that appreciates and uses the full potential of everything that is part of this system, taking care of ecology in their actions.

According to the excerpt of Rupert Sheldrake's book, every system has a soul.

Well, every business, because it is a system, also has a soul.

The soul of any business consists of all the souls that belong to it, meaning the owners, employees, customers, suppliers, intermediaries, and even raw materials, materials, and places. Yes, you are not mistaken, that's the way it is.

Business with Soul is a business that knows that when a rope is pulled only in one direction, everyone connected to the rope, everyone in this system, will fall over sooner or later.

After all, we know how the tug of war ends;)

And what if this rope was to be used to create patterns that result from beautiful connections, where each one comes out with his part of the rope in front of him instead of pulling it towards himself?

What patterns could be created?

What would be the benefits of thinking and doing this?

What skills would each side require to develop for such approach?

I have a feeling that capitalism, although it has also brought a lot of good and certainly developed the diversity and creativity of individuals, is a tug of war.

Why? Because it is about the highest possible profit for one of the parties. That's it in short, but the essence of capitalism is just that.

Business with soul focuses on work with the soul, creates goals that take into account other parts of the system and cares for them, because it knows that if he pulls the rope towards him, he wields a double-edged sword. When everyone cares, the system grows, and the soul grows and that's where we're going! 🌍

So, here are the questions:

What is the soul of the business you work for or that you own?

How does this business define and achieve goals?

How does your soul use its potential in this business, in this system?

How do you release and increase the potential of your soul and the soul of the entire business system?

Start with one simple question and search for answers:

What potential do I feel that I do not use and would like, would like? (what we know is usually obvious, the potential lies in our unexpressed desires)

What is the hidden potential of this business - this system (it is worth looking at the source here, what for and why this business was born)?

If you want to discover and expand your potential together, I am here for you!

Soul is simply an energy, beautiful energy of potential✨

Marta 🌍💚


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