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Spirituality is actually very practical. To me, it is about taking responsibility for you own life and living your life as you were born to live. 

Taking responsibility for your own life means that you care about every aspect of your life and take action towards this aspect to make it healthy and working well for you, without at least affecting negatively other around you.

As our mind is programmed to listen to others’ opinions or sometimes even forced to do certain things that others impose on us, it is often difficult to know the inner truth and follow it.

Universe created water as well as everything else we need to live healthy and happy. As we grow and evolve as society, we make our reality more complexed and complicated and therefore lose sight from how things in Nature work and are, we are being disconnected from Nature. When we are disconnected from Nature, we are disconnected from ourselves. When we are disconnected from ourselves, we don’t know who we are and when we don’t know who we are, we don’t experience life fully and with joy. But in fact everything is connected and disconnection is just an illusion.

Water is a part of Nature, a part of Universe and a part of our body as we are a part of Universe, ca. 70% of our body is water as well as all the water on our Planet consists ca. 70% of everything. As scientists discovered, water holds information about life, pure life. But, as water holds memory of everything, it also creates memory constantly and its structure can even be damaged by the way we influence the world around us, ourselves and the reality, with our thoughts, emotions and actions. Here is the example of the famous Masaru Emoto’s experiment as well as few others about water consciousness. 

Isn’t this a powerful example of how we are connected with Nature and everything around us, including ourselves? What we think and then feel and act affects ourselves and other people as well as other living beings, including Nature, the whole reality. Everything is Consciousness. We are consciousness.

It means that if we may poison the water through negative or actually low vibrational emotions and thoughts, and therefore ourselves and everything around us, it also means that we can detoxify ourselves and the reality we create by loving thoughts and emotions.

So easy and yet so difficult, because our minds have strong programs, which are being repeated and repeated by all of us, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. But it surely requires consciousness to notice that and responsibility to change this.

It always starts from within, from me and from you.

What would happen if for just one day, you were kept saying loving thoughts to yourself? Try to do this just for one day and observe how your energy shifts. And remember only loving thoughts.

I could drop you some hints and examples. You can do that also in front of the mirror! Lets begin 🙂

You can either say in the first person, like you talking about yourself or using a second person, which could be representation of your inner parent taking care of your inner child.

I am good enough/ You are good enough

I love myself/ I love you

I am unconditional love/ You are unconditional love

I am safe/ You are safe

I am healthy/ You are healthy

I own my life/ You own your life

I create my life/ You create your life

I am myself/ You are yourself

I love myself exactly the way I am/ I love you exactly the way you are

Loving thoughts create loving emotions. Loving emotions create loving actions. Loving actions create loving world.

You have been created through love, unconditional love. Unconditional love is all that is. Unconditional love is Consciousness. We are Consciousness.

With love,

Marta ???

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