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The Universe works for you


I arrived to the Island on Thursday and my initial plan was to stay until Monday. Already on Saturday I knew I want to stay longer, at least one more night. Then I felt I will surely stay until Wednesday. Luckily the room had no reservations and Katerina, the owner, took out possible reservations from the system for me to stay as long as I want.

It is truly amazing that when you come to right places you always meet right people and get support from the Universe. When you are grateful for what you receive, you attract more.

I guess I also attract good things thanks to Tapas 🙂 everybody loves him 🙂

That day when he got the water from the lady in Taverna I was happy about it and it really made my day. The other day on the beach, a couple sitting nearby when leaving the beach, came to me and gave me water for Tapas 🙂 love it! 

The owners of the place have their house above the rooms they rent and once I parked there. In the morning I went to my car and Katerina told me that there are five little kittens under my car, because the mama gave birth recently and they went in there to hide. Luckily I wasn’t going anywhere, but some of them came our and they were soooo cuuuteee :). The same day my friend sent me the pictures and a movie of five kittens of her cat (because I want to take one), it was again amazing. We do really attract what we love, what we are happy and grateful for.

I know why I wanted to stay here a little longer, last night it was completely empty here, no other people in the rooms, total peace and quiet. I could enjoy the evening silence and beauty of the night sky. I got a little gift from Katerina for goodbye, beautiful hand made honey cosmetics, totally natural.

I woke up early in the morning today, had my breakfast in the garden, meditation and some movement, Tapas was running all over the place like crazy. What a beautiful start of the day!

I am grateful for having the freedom to decide about my life, my time, my energy. Thank you Thassos for welcoming me with wonderful people, amazing places, wild nature, beautiful night sky, the moon, the stars, the sun, the beach, the sea, great food and lovely peace.

With love,

Marta ???


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