The true meaning of Art- how AI may kill the value of written Art


They say that if you want to have a business, especially freelancing, you need to be on social media.

Yes, in a way, this is how we step out into the world and make ourselves visible. This is the helpful and useful part. With Facebook and Instagram, you need to post every day or even more, for your message to be visible. I deliberately chose not to write too much on Facebook or Instagram, exactly because of this fact. The necessity to post every day or more. I am not a robot. Sadly, these days, you also need to confirm this fact in some of the platforms- I am not a robot. Also, the necessity of constant posting is exactly what makes us addicted to such platforms. Addiction is just a distraction, an escape from reality.

I am relatively new on Medium and still learning about this writing environment. I joined here without even knowing that there are possibilities to earn money. I just wanted to share my voice and connect with other like-minded people. As I started to read others’ articles, I found out that this could also be a source of income and that persistence is the key. I get this, it makes sense, as with a lot of things in life.

Yet, from what I observe I am getting a little disappointed, but not losing hope anyway. A hope that there is value here as well. We are living in a world of incredible access to all kinds of information. This is wonderful and brings us so many possibilities. However, it also brings danger and threats, of which we should be aware. The informational chaos brings even more confusion and for this reason, it is so important to choose the content we need and feed ourselves and others, very carefully. That is very unlikely with how these platforms are created as they have a totally different purpose. The purpose is to keep us there constantly, whether as a writer or as a reader, or both.

As human beings, our natural need is creation. This is one of the reasons we are here on this beautiful planet. True creation comes from the Spirit, is the embodiment of the Spirit, of something greater than our human mind. It comes and goes in cycles, in waves and is not about having it under control, it is about having it flowing, at its own pace.

As human beings, we bring creation through our bodies in various ways, painting, writing, dancing, programming, singing, playing music, building a house, designing, making websites and so much more! Art is everywhere, yet, not everything really is art. If we produce whatever we are producing just for the sake of money, using algorithms to help us, we are only bringing more chaos to this planet. Not only do we create traps for ourselves and continue to run in the hamster wheel, but also we do it for others. AI learns from us, what we feed there, is the fuel for AI to learn.

Why don’t we make sure that the content we put is really of value? Do we really have so much to say all the time?

  • Instead, do we spend time on reflection as well?
  • Why do we actually do what we do?
  • What is the purpose of the content we put?
  • Do we want to share something valuable with others?
  • Do we want to support or help them with specific issues?
  • Or do we just put as much as we can for the AI to calculate the algorithm and get us money?

I am always for quality over quantity. Thorough quality, which comes from the place of heart and Spirit, we make this world more beautiful and valuable. Without it, we become robots, doing things without deeper meaning.

This is not our true nature.

We are all wonderful beings with amazing capabilities of creation. We shall not let it be killed for the sake of algorithms.

With love,


Pict. Source: Adobe Stock, Author: Murrdock

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