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The title goes last “A cherry on the top”


Every time I am starting something, whether it is writing (and usually it is) or painting, working on my logo project or any other creative action, I often try to first determine the title, the label, something that would be appropriate to what I want to express and something that would determine the whole content. 

Many times I had some form of expression, an idea, a longer thought and as I was starting with the title, the whole idea started to disappear. It happened to me so many times, that I finally got it! I just sit and write whatever comes to me and the label, the title will come out at the very end, like a cherry on the top, because this is the moment when you put the cherry there, isn’t it? Not the other way round, as otherwise, the whole cake would smash the cherry anyway.

What is bubbling inside me since a longer while as I have started to create my business, my venture, is that I felt I still haven’t fully expressed what is inside me. Even writing this article, I still don’t know where my fingers would take me, but that is the greatest fun.

Same as I was doing one of my shopping bags. I remember that day very clearly, because it was first day of Christmas last year. I was in Crete, amazing Greek island. As I still didn’t know many people there, I was spending my Christmas alone. Of course I had calls with friends and family, but physically I was alone. It was an interesting experience, I felt a mixture of emotions, from sadness and nostalgia, through disappointment to a feeling of complete freedom and gratitude for being in such a beautiful place, looking in the sky when there was an electricity blackout on a Christmas Eve and having trust in my journey that my Soul wanted me to have this experience and to get in contact with all possible emotions within myself that day. To see the stars on a beautiful Cretan sky, lit the candles and just be still.

During that Christmas time I felt the need to finally take out my sewing machines and I decided to make a shopping bag. I had a concept in my mind, took my black material and started to make a circle. The first idea was to make a circle and a triangle inside as that was a period when I was very much into learning about sacred geometry and this shape kept displaying in my head and I even drew it. So I thought it would be wonderful to have it in a bag as well. Immediately as I started to draw a circle, I felt it makes no sense and from the half of the circle, I decided to draw a…Moon. And so I did, I drew it to be able to sew it later on. As the golden moon was on the black bag, immediately I felt it is a very dark and clear night sky and imagined this with water underneath, the sea, so I made waves underneath the moon. As my project was evolving, I felt that with the moon there must be stars too! So I made some little stars around. Step by step I made my moon star shopping bag, which was supposed to be a circle and triangle at the beginning. Surely, it is nothing wrong with the circle and triangle, but at that time, I wasn’t sure what they meant and what was it all about, what was the purpose of this picture. But my body and Soul lead me in my little creation process.

Moon and water are very powerful feminine symbols and now as I am writing this, I have goosebumps all over my body, because I feel that I need to express a lot more of my feminine side in my business, I had those thoughts within me since a while and today, the whole day, I have been drawing yin and yang symbols! I even know exactly what is it about, but writing all these words led me also to other ideas!

My initial title was supposed to be about bringing the feminine aspect to businesses as most of the businesses we all know are so masculine energy driven, therefore lacking balance. My own business is about bringing that part into other businesses as well as into our daily lives. The right form of what I want to express will come as well, at the perfect moment. It always does.

My self made shopping bag 🙂

I love writing for this reason, it always takes me in the right direction and in the right order, as long as I make one step after another, trusting that my Soul is guiding me all the way and that I don’t need to know the title first, the final destination, as all what matters is the journey, the process of creation. When you label first, you limit the Spirit, you limit the process of creation with the labels coming from your mind. You adjust the creation to your label, but your Soul and Spirit are more powerful than any label and than the mind.

Have a wonderful day and don’t let the title or label to determine your journey 😉

With love,

Marta ???

Main Picture Source: Adobe Stock, author: Yabresse


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