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- Wrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Wrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Bruummmmm!!!!! Wrrrrrrrrr!!!!

- Aaaaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! An old lady passing by, tripped over her wooden walking stick and fell. This terrible noise again! Oh these humans don’t know what they are doing….!  She got up quickly and…

- Knock, knock! She knocked on the man’s helmet with her wooden walking stick and a very serious face. 

A man opened his helmet with frustration:

- Are you crazy, woman?!

- Good morning my boy!- said Lyra with her calm, yet firm voice.

- I am not a boy! I am 35!- said even more frustrated man.

- Well, my child, maybe you are 35, but I can see a little boy- responded Lyra seriously and noticed how the man’s face changed. Anger and frustration mixed with confusion and pain.

- What do you want from me, you old crazy woman?!

- What is your name, my child?- she asked 

- Feelix, with double ‘e’! I always have troubles because of that stupid name!- he growled.

- Feelix, my child, why do you make so much noise with your motorbike?

- Why?! It is just fun, he laughed! 

- Who is having fun, my child?

- I am!- Feelix responded proudly.

- You see, my child, I was walking by, when you started to whirr with your big machine. I might seem old to you but I am a pretty vivid old lady, so I am not just falling over without a reason. 

- So, it is my fault?!- asked a boy with a scowl on his face.

- Oh, my child, fault here, fault there. Everything is just a cause and effect. And everything is energy and vibration, so do you and your motorbike- she smiled. 

At that moment, his face changed and a sparkle of curiosity appeared.

- When you start to whirr your engine so loudly, you are putting a wave of energy in motion. This wave of energy is sudden and very loud. Imagine an intense stream of air full of pins. This is what you produce, the air with pins, a wave of pain, my child- explained Lyra.

- How is that possible, I don’t understand….- said Feelix with confusion and abashment

- My child, it is all coming from you, from your inside. It is you who starts the engine. A motorbike is just a motorbike. Your intention, your motivation comes from within. It is the ‘why’ you start your engine and whirr it so loudly. What is that ‘cause’ that creates the air of pins? Being hit by the stream of pins must be painful, Hugh? I was hit by this stream of pins and so I fell over. 

He was looking at her and his face was getting more and more full of pain, trying to stop tears coming to his eyes. 

-  I didn’t know that, I just wanted people to see how cool I am on my motorbike!- said Feelix, trying to be a bit funny, but Lyra wasn’t laughing….

- Oh, my child- now she laughed! You young people always want to impress someone, especially you- boys. Let me tell you something- when you do this horrible noise, you don’t impress people, they actually want to kill you, my child! She laughed even louder with her resonant voice. They want to kill you because you serve them the stream of air with pins, you serve them pain. You put their delicate nervous system in huge pain and stress. When people are in stress and pain, they also put it back to the world again. And so all these streams of stress and pain and swirling around us in the invisible realms, yet very influential. They influence absolutely everything and we are so unaware of it- she could continue and continue as her imagination is vast and reach, but he interrupted her.

- So how can I impress other people, how can I impress that girl?- he asked…

- Ohhhhh! So it is about the girl?- she smiled. 

- Well, my child, first of all, you should think about whether you want to impress a girl or a woman. As that makes a huge difference- she laughed again. If you are a boy, you want to impress a girl. If you are a man, you want to impress a woman. If you want to impress people, first impress yourself. Do something just for yourself and be proud of it. Just like that.

- You are a very annoying old lady! You talk too much!- said Feelix with a genuine smile on his face

- Oh, my child, sometimes I talk and sometimes I just observe. I see you have great potential, don’t waste it!

- Really?! Nobody told me that before- he said sadly

- We all have, but we are not being taught that…

- So, what shall I do?- asked Feelix with curiosity

- What shall you do? You need to figure this out by yourself, but if you seek any advice, I may give you one- Lyra responded

- Yes, I want to hear it.

- Plant a tree and take care of it every single day- said Lyra

- Why tree? What tree?

- Choose whatever you like, think about the tree which you like, see what trees grow in your neighbourhood or grew before they were devastated, do some research. 

- But why tree?- he continued

- You see, my child, tree is a symbol of life. You learn about life from a tree. You plant the seed and this is just a start. You need to choose the right place, you need to take care of the soil for the seed to grow, you need to make sure it has enough water and sun. You need to support it when it grows higher and higher. You need to reap fruits when they are ready and cut branches from time to time. Tree gives you everything you need, shadow, fruits, clean air, and fire when you need it. It represents the circle of life, the cycles of nature…..

- You are a weird woman, but I like this idea with a tree…!

- Haha!- he made her laugh. All right, my child, I need to go now.

- But wait…!- I want to know more about the trees and… you know… people, women, that air with pins and all these fantasies…- said Feelix and his energy changed at that moment. His inner child’s curiosity was authentic and alive.

- Well, my child, I live just around the corner. Come whenever you like and we can drink some tea and talk. Just don’t come too early in the morning as this is the time when I enjoy my morning coffee.

- Ok….eee, what’s your name? You didn’t tell me- said Feelix

- You didn’t ask. It’s Lyra.

- Nice- he said, weird, but nice!- he smiled.

- Going back to names, Feelix, I really like your name. You should be proud of it!- said Lyra

- Why? Everyone always confuses it and I always need to explain that is double ‘e’ and then they do this face and say it is weird and strange! 

- My child, people like things they know. It gives them an illusion of safety. What they don’t know, they reject, because they don’t know how to interact with things they don’t know. That is another long story…..and I don’t have time now. But your name is not weird, it is just different or perhaps unique. Feel-ix- it says something about you. Perhaps you have a gift you are not aware of….Ok, my child, I will see you soon!

- Goodbye Lyra!- said Feelix and he stood there for a while thinking of his name.

Lyra disappeared just around the corner…..

Picture Source: Adobe Stock, author: master135



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