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The roles we play


In our lives we fulfill variety of personal roles. The roles are just shallow parts of our true identity. We have many of them, it can be a role of a woman, man, mother, father, child, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friend, coach, teacher, manager, authority figure, worker, artist, aunt, uncle, client, priest, nun, politic, journalist, just to name a few.

As a whole person with its roles, we also have our system of values, rules and beliefs, which we could be also understood as code of ethics and morals. On top of that system there is also a personal mission and vision- so called higher purpose. A reason we are living our life. Something that ancient and modern philosophers wrote and write about.

If our system of values, rules and beliefs, meaning code of ethics and morals is different for each role, different in the meaning of contrary, where for one role we have our set of values and in other role we exclude those values, we are creating an inner conflict. 

It may happen in many different situations, for example, if you work in the company, institution etc., of which the system of values is not aligned with yours, you are creating inner conflict. To be more precise, if you work for the company which is producing food full of chemicals and you are a person who cares about the food you eat, no matter how much meaning you will try to put to your work and no matter how great money you earn, you will create an inner conflict. You will live in constant stress. Because on that invisible level, on the level of your moral system, you do not match with that organisation.

With every role we take actions, with every action we create an effect and every effect requires responsibility. Role = responsibility.

When we identify with one role to the extreme, we become an extremist, a radical. No matter which role would that be, if we stick to only one role, we are experiencing a very narrow aspect of ourselves and therefore a very narrow aspect of reality. It is easy to lose ourselves in such role and also to take anything what other people say about such particular role as ultimate truth or a personal attack, depending on the message. It is also easy to become so radical with opinion about reality, because such opinion is created only through one role, a tiny aspect of our being. This is how extremism is being born. By being identified with the narrow aspect of ones reality. When we lose ourselves in only one role, we lose wider perspective of reality. 

At the end of the day, no matter what roles do we play, we are all Humans and I believe our morals and ethics should be defined by that humanitarian aspect.

No matter what role we play, not only do we carry roles’ responsibilities, but most of all we carry a responsibility as a Human being.

We shall always remember that.

With love,

Marta ???

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