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The price of growth


During the last decades we have grown economically and technologically as societies. Not everywhere certainly, but in many cultures we did.

As we have grown and the standard of living of many increased, we have been focused, as it was necessary for the growth, on more technical, business and scientific skills. We have been driven by the masculine energy, or the left hemisphere of the brain, if you like. 

As a result of that, we have decreased the meaning and value of the softer (not weaker as some believe) side of our nature, as individuals and therefore as societies. Our feminine part, or, so to speak, the right hemisphere of the brain. 

We tend to value things and money more than we value human relationships. We tend to value logic more than a heart. 

We haven’t healed from traumas after the last century’s wars our grandparents and parents experienced and which echoes within us until today. We haven’t healed from difficult childhood experiences, which were a consequence of that and we often try to compensate these wounds with material things.

We thought that financial growth will compensate all the difficulties we experienced.

In a way it made our lives more comfortable, stable and pleasant. That was a good start and a necessary step. But haven’t we lost balance?

If we are so wealthy and secure:

  • Why are there more and more people with depression?
  • Why are there more and more suicides?
  • Why are there more and more burnouts and work?
  • Why are there more and more divorces?
  • Why is it more difficult to create healthy relationships?
  • Why are we getting more sick?
  • Why we can connect with anyone in the world but we are not able to connect with ourselves and those who are close to us?
  • Why do people don’t know how to handle their emotions?
  • Why is there so much stress and insecurity?
  • Why those who have so much money are often so unhappy?

We have grown so much but we forgot to be human. We forgot how to love. We forgot how to love ourselves and others. We have lost meaning and connection with life.

We may learn again, only if we want.

Growth is not only about economics and technology, it is about general well-being, which includes our mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of life.

If we truly want to grow, we should take care of these aspects of our lives as well. This is what growth really is. This makes our lives full ☯️

I wish us all to grow with love ?

With love,


Picts: Adobe Stock: Funtap, REDPIXEL


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