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The power of gratitude


Gratitude is the magnet for abundance in our lives. Abundance may have many forms, we shall not confuse it with money or material only, yet, this is included as well.

How it works?

It is pure energy. So let me explain it a bit. This energy is a combination of thoughts, feelings and actions. All these need to be in alignment. As if they are not, there is confusion. So if we confuse ourselves and the Universe, we get more confusion in return. 

If we have supportive thoughts about a certain area of our life, if we feel happy and grateful, but we don’t take proper action, we are not in alignment. 

For example

If we buy a new plant, which is beautiful and we love it, it is not enough to just look at it, have admiration and good thoughts, we need to water the plant, take care of the soil, remove the weeds if they appear. It is love and gratitude in action. If we don’t do it, the plant will die.

Same goes for other areas of our lives. 

It is sometimes difficult to be grateful, especially when we are facing challenges in our lives. Then our energy is usually focused on problems and therefore we are recreating the same patterns of behaviors. It is the chemistry of our body when we are operating under stress. When we are focusing on problems only, we are usually stuck in the lack mentality. It means we don’t see and sense a solution, we only see problems and challenges.

But there is always a solution and way to make things better and to bring more joy into our lives.

Gratitude is the way to it

There is always something we can be grateful for, even if we feel like we are missing something. 

We might not have much money, but we may have great friend or friends to talk to and spend time with. 

We may not have a friend, but we may have a loving family that supports us.

We may not be able to do what we would like to do at the moment, but as there is not only one thing that makes us happy and joyful, there is always something we could do for ourselves and be grateful for it, like playing a piece of favorite music, having a coffee, anything small that we like and enjoy.

We may not have anyone around, but most of all, we always have ourselves. 

Sit back for a while and think about 3 things in your life now, that you are truly grateful for. Note them down and bring back the thoughts and feelings that you have when experiencing them.

For what we are grateful for, multiplies. 

As it multiplies, we need to handle it with gratitude and love.

When we are truly grateful for something, we put love there.

With this energy, facing problems and challenges is way easier.

I wish you a grateful day ??

With love,

Marta ?

Pict: Adobe Stock, Kevin Carden


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