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The future of work, stress and self love


One thing is certain, the future of work is changing. It is changing because we feel that the way we have been working until now is simply not working for us. We have created a system which is no longer supportive for us but for some reason, we are still trying to fit ourselves in to this system. Instead of doing something completely opposite, like creating new ways of working, new systems based on who we are and how we like to work, what our needs are as humans. Based on how we feel best, what are our most productive times during the day, month, year. Based on learning and understanding our needs and ability to talk about them within a team without fears. We need to learn how our body and brain works in order to understand ourselves better, as when we understand ourselves better, our body, mind and soul, we are able to create better future for ourselves. 

I can see and sense a lot of frustrations on LinkedIN and usually I believe they are just a sign that we are trying to do things in the same way as before. Apparently, it doesn’t work. I know that also from my own experience. 

When I try to do things and I don’t see any results, I get frustrated. I really do. Then I stop, pull back and start to review asking myself: “what can I learn from this experience?”, because I know I created this experience for myself to learn from it. 

I can see that when I try to push things, because I think it is the best solution, they don’t work. And if they don’t work, I know I have to find another way and open myself to receive any possible option, solution. And this is of course the most difficult part, because we all have expectations, expectations of the exact result of our actions and intentions. Those expectations usually block the whole beautiful energy that may bring the outcome to us. Many times in my life I experienced that letting go is the best way for the Universe to bring you the best solution. Yet, also many times, usually when I am in fear and stress, very often related to issues connected with security, such as money but also more psychological issues like fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, it is the most difficult moment to let go and exactly in the most difficult moment it is best to let go and let some air in. I know, it is a huge challenge!

Yesterday I had a stressful day and was trying to push myself in order to speed up some issues. The stress came only from my mind and from expectations I had and I know that, my whole body felt it and I lost my balance. When I lose my balance, it feels like the whole reality works against me, but in fact it is just me putting this energy in motion. As I was in a totally relaxed way for the last year as I wasn’t working, I can see how work can make me stressed, but only when I make like that! Only when I try to push and control. There is no other external reason. Luckily, I opened myself up to get support, so my friend cheered me up, I went to yoga and then met a friend to talk about our little dancing project and all that made me feel better. All these small things are the act of self love, which we tend to forget to give ourselves when we are so focused on the results.

Are you experiencing stress because you expect something specific to happen in a specific way?

What is it that you truly want and try to control the outcome?

Are you stressed about money, security and future?

Would you like to share it in comments?

We all experience that and also it us who can change that, because we are in control of our lives.

I wish you a beautiful and calm day. Take care of yourself ??☯️


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