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The Future is Organic


Observing nature gives amazing insights. Things can be seen as they are and not what we think they should be. They just are. But perhaps because we do not observe it, we don’t understand it as deep as we could or even should. Perhaps because we forgot how important it is, we tend to ignore it and act like we know better.

But the nature was here before us and will be here with or without us. It is only up to us, whether we start listen to it and align with it.

Why the future is Organic? 

Because Organic means Nature. Nature is a source of creation therefore it is perfect itself, or herself. As a source of creation, nature is a source of life. It has everything we need to live, heal and grow.

When we lose connection with Nature, by abusing and destroying it, we disconnect ourselves from her, we disconnect ourselves from life.

We are a part of Nature, we are a part of universe.

Nature holds all the codes of life, these codes can be also named patterns, they are numbers and geometrical shapes, the scared geometry, and they replicate themselves driven by the higher intelligence, a force of life. They are all around us, in water, flowers, plants, trees, within us, everywhere. 

The Earth consist of water in ca. 70%, human body consists of water in ca. 70%. Isn’t this a great evidence of how connected with nature we are? How connected with Gaia we are? Water holds the most sacred codes of life creation and is considered to be a multidimensional being. All plants consist of water- depending on the type- in different proportions, could be even close to 100%- like cucumber- 97% or zucchini- 95%.

This is exactly why we need to drink water and eat fruits and vegetables, because of the water they contain. They are source of life. Encoded information about life. We need life to live. As simple as that. Even if it just food, you may think, it is more than food, it is life. This is exactly why we say: you are what you eat.

If we poison and destroy water, we poison plants and thus we poison ourselves. When we are poisoned, how can we feel fully connected with life? How can we be healthy? How can we live?

We have been created as a part of nature and again, in nature there is also everything we need to heal. But because our world is toxic due to all chemicals we use and produce and which are then within us, no wonder we are not able to heal ourselves in natural ways, at least in most cases. If we are toxic inside, we do toxic outside.

By destroying nature, we are losing access to pure source of life.

Isn’t our current reality that we experience at the moment exactly about this? About us who lost the natural ability to heal and instead we poison ourselves even more? 

Isn’t this the highest time to work for the greater good of nature, not only for our own comfort? And is it really a comfort?

Future means Organic. Organic means Nature. Nature means life. Life means heart.

The future is in your heart, only your heart is pure and is connected with nature, with life. It is not your brain.

Heart is the first organ that is being formed in baby’s body. It is connected with All that is.

If you are connected with your heart, you will create all what you need.

Nature provides us with all codes- all information about life, necessary for us and other species to live and grow.

How can we create better reality without abusing nature but instead to act inline with her and help her grow? 

How can we transform our businesses and daily lives not only to survive, but actually to live and thrive?

Sometimes it is just about simple daily choices. Where do I buy my food, what clothes do I buy, how are they made? What cosmetics do I buy? Who produces them? What is inside of them? Ayurveda says you should not put on your body anything which you can't eat. Would you eat your body cream? I would, because I changed to sesame, olive and coconut oil. But I wouldn't eat my shampoo, even if it says it has 88% natural ingredients and in a way I like it, but what is the remaining 12%? Is it healthy?

If we help the nature to heal and grow she will provide even more treasures in return. More abundance and growth.

Will we then need all these huge corporations? Those hierarchic and pyramid structured organisations to which we give away our money, which means energy? But that is another subject which is a material for another post.

However, it is you who chose, who make these small decisions every day. The small ones count the most as the number of them is significant. Yet, how often you buy a new house and how often you buy food, cosmetics or clothes?

Every choice starts within and every day. It all starts within, as we are nature and by connecting with our heart, we connect with nature. By going within ourselves, we can then start to create better world. It all starts and ends there, within your heart. The world, your world, starts exactly there. When you are there, you chose what is right.

With love,

Marta ???

Futer is Organic


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