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Technological advancement and humanity


It is believed that civilisations grow through technological advancement, which I believe is part of the truth. Through technology we raise the standard of living and as long as technology is used for the good of humanity, with reservation of high moral standards and ethics, it will serve its purpose.

If, however, the morals and ethics do not follow the technological advancement, the civilisations first are being degraded and then collapse, because instead of serving the higher purpose of humanity, it is being used to control and enslave them, or for personal benefits, so called the ego agenda. 

One of such invention, which has never been released for the good of humanity, was free electricity invented by the genius Tesla, but it was never given for such use. Surely, one day, when humanity is ready, many inventions shall be revealed. And the humanity shall be ready when morals and ethics shall become living values again.

Intention of every invention is therefore so important, because the intention carries the energy of every creation.

Technologies are being channeled to humanity from higher dimensions and that primal intention is always for the higher good of humanity. It is then up to humans what they further do with it.

In her book “The three waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”, Dolores Cannon, who was a famous hypnotherapist and worked with thousands of people, helping them to remember their Souls’ mission through her sessions, she reports about some of the technological innovations, that were not used for the good of humanity, even though they were supposed to:

“When atomic power was supposed to be introduced into our time line, it was intended to be used for good. I said that we were using it for good, electricity and as that. They explained that because it was first created as a weapon it would always carry that negative aura, and never have the great benefit it was supposed to have. We had just come through the horrible World War II, so they knew we would never be able to control something as powerful as atomic power.”

In today’s rapidly moving technological advancement, which is surely needed, how can we be sure that it is safe for us?

How can we be sure of intentions of those who create it and give it further to humanity? How can we recognise that? How, as humans, we make sure we make good use of it?

If again, our moral and ethical evolution won’t follow, we will be facing many problems, like stealing personal data and who knows what else and would then have to increase the levels of control, putting there more and more money and effort in order to protect ourselves from…ourselves. Ourselves as humans from other humans. This leads nowhere.  

Personally, I support the technological advancement, which could make our life easier, but parallel to that, we should become better humans in order to be able to trust each other and collectively work for the higher good. 

When we educate ourselves and always also starting with ourselves, we would intuitively know and feel what is right and what is wrong. We would know on a deep level, what is the truth. We would know and feel that we are all connected and to harm anyone is to harm yourself.

I am You and You are me. When I grow, You grow. When You grow, I grow. When I harm You, I harm Myself. When You harm Me, you harm Yourself. When I heal, You heal. When You heal, I heal.

We are One.

With love,

Marta ???

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