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The title goes last “A cherry on the top”

Every time I am starting something, whether it is writing (and usually it is) or painting, working on my logo project or any other creative action, I often try to first determine the title, the label, something that would be appropriate to what I want to express and something that would determine the whole content.

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The Universe works for you

I arrived to the Island on Thursday and my initial plan was to stay until Monday. Already on Saturday I knew I want to stay longer, at least one more night.

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Amethyst around the corner

I love minerals, gems and stones, I have a wide collection of them, I make elixirs, I mediate with my minerals and they simply are to calibrate my space and raise the vibrations.

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Love, pain, responsibility and trust

When you are on you spiritual path, one of the basic things is personal responsibility. For everything that you experience. Don’t believe anyone who will tell you that you won’t experience pain and life will be just rainbow and butterflies. It won’t be, because this is not what life is.

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Facing fears

Every big change in my life since the last few years is proceeded with an incredible mixture of emotions. Signs are literally everywhere so that I even get tired with seeing them. Fears are coming to the surface, frustration arises, tension in the shoulders is present every day.

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New systems- small insights

Since a longer while I have been thinking a lot about systems we have created to live in. Recent time of my personal transformation showed me, that I am not able to fit in those systems anymore and it was all coming to me when I tried to think about the life I want to live, a life of a free being.

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