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The future of work, stress and self love

One thing is certain, the future of work is changing. It is changing because we feel that the way we have been working until now is simply not working for us. We have created a system which is no longer supportive for us but for some reason, we are still trying to fit ourselves in to this system.

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System teaches you to lie

A while ago I had an interesting experience with the System. By System I mean the bureaucratic structures, which is anyway what we create as humans.

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Small changes- big differences

We all know we need to change and very often we don’t know the way, or perhaps even if we know the way, we are still using old ways to get to the New. We can’t change the world without changing our mindset and our individual behaviours.

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New systems- small insights

Since a longer while I have been thinking a lot about systems we have created to live in. Recent time of my personal transformation showed me, that I am not able to fit in those systems anymore and it was all coming to me when I tried to think about the life I want to live, a life of a free being.

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