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The title goes last “A cherry on the top”

Every time I am starting something, whether it is writing (and usually it is) or painting, working on my logo project or any other creative action, I often try to first determine the title, the label, something that would be appropriate to what I want to express and something that would determine the whole content.

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How are we going to get to the The New Earth?

The New Earth (or as I like to call it, the New HeartH) is the high dimension reality of Unconditional love that is within you. It is within all of us. 

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Δεν ξερό- Living with your heart

Someone told me lately that life driven by heart and Soul is not an easy path and not so many choose it. 

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Artificial intelligence- take it or leave it?

Certainly, all the amazing devices are fascinating and it is very tempting to give them a lot of power or at least- tasks, especially those which we do not like. Such as: remember our schedules, clean for us, work in a warehouse, shop, factory or anywhere else, could talk to us on the phone, then, could even look like human and act like human, perhaps, on a first glance can even be a „better” version of human because to its amazing abilities.

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Atlantis memory

The memory of the Atlantis civilisation started to raise within me strongly right after I entangled myself at least energetically and mentally from my job and relationship...

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Between old and new

How is it happening that sometimes we take decisions which may seem illogical, odd, perhaps stupid but also courageous, interesting, out of the box...

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