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How are we going to get to the The New Earth?

The New Earth (or as I like to call it, the New HeartH) is the high dimension reality of Unconditional love that is within you. It is within all of us. 

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Love, pain, responsibility and trust

When you are on you spiritual path, one of the basic things is personal responsibility. For everything that you experience. Don’t believe anyone who will tell you that you won’t experience pain and life will be just rainbow and butterflies. It won’t be, because this is not what life is.

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System teaches you to lie

A while ago I had an interesting experience with the System. By System I mean the bureaucratic structures, which is anyway what we create as humans.

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Small changes- big differences

We all know we need to change and very often we don’t know the way, or perhaps even if we know the way, we are still using old ways to get to the New. We can’t change the world without changing our mindset and our individual behaviours.

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Freedom, responsibility and power

Let’s talk about freedom. We all want freedom, I believe. But do we know what freedom means to us. Have you asked yourself such question? 

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