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The power of gratitude

Gratitude is the magnet for abundance in our lives. Abundance may have many forms, we shall not confuse it with money or material only, yet, this is included as well.

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Why do we really want to be in a relationship?

Most of us, a great majority of us, want to have good relationships with others. And that is beautiful as healthy relationships with others influence and create our well-being

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Feminine and Masculine- balance and imbalance

Why is it so important to access, heal and balance feminine and masculine aspects within?

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The price of growth

During the last decades we have grown economically and technologically as societies.

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Addiction and awareness

Addiction may have many different faces. In the simplest explanation, it means that we are seeking a sense of happiness, security or deeper meaning outside of ourselves

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Feminine and masculine aspects within us

Gender concept is a physical-based expression of how we identify ourselves. 

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