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Facing fears

Every big change in my life since the last few years is proceeded with an incredible mixture of emotions. Signs are literally everywhere so that I even get tired with seeing them. Fears are coming to the surface, frustration arises, tension in the shoulders is present every day.

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Artificial intelligence- take it or leave it?

Certainly, all the amazing devices are fascinating and it is very tempting to give them a lot of power or at least- tasks, especially those which we do not like. Such as: remember our schedules, clean for us, work in a warehouse, shop, factory or anywhere else, could talk to us on the phone, then, could even look like human and act like human, perhaps, on a first glance can even be a „better” version of human because to its amazing abilities.

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Heart's Way

We are shifting to a heart space and that this is the direction we are all heading, the Planet is. Whether all of us step into it, is another story, but I believe many of us will do.

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Money, money, money

Once upon a time, there was no money. People started to discover that they have a need to create, as they started to feel the energy that pushed them towards creation.

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