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Systems and attractors- bigger perspective


We are functioning in various systems, the world, the continents, the countries, the cities, the neighborhoods, the families, the relationships etc. Within and/or beside these systems, there are also several other systems like work, schools, voluntaries, hobbies etc. and they connect people. But let's look at how hierarchic some of they are, for example the countries, biggest, worldwide corporations, banks, our societies in general.

What is important in my opinion, is that it seems the hierarchy is very vertical with many steps on the way and with only few people on the top, like a pyramid effect. Therefore is it really working well for us? Is it really ok if few people have so much power? What are the threats in such case? Are they able to meet our needs? Do they know our needs and do they care? Is it actually possible for anyone to be able to do so? Do we know our own needs? There are many questions to be answered as well as many still to be asked. What would be best for us as humans and for the Planet? How do we perceive freedom? Are we able to free ourselves? Do we know the way? What does freedom mean for us?

Personally, I am afraid of anyone, who can say that he or she knows what is good for all people, because it is not possible. Isn't this what we experience now? That few people on the top try to say what is best for all of us? And that we should follow the same behaviors, manners, way of thinking. Yes, we are equal as humans, but we are different, each of us is unique and each of us has different path and needs to experience it in his/hers own unique way for the Soul to grow. If we are not able to follow our Soul path, simply because we are being told by others, whether they are authorities, our bosses, our family, we lose our own power and connection with the ourselves, with our hearts. We are not able to live our lives, because we are living the live of others. And because we are living the life others want us to live, we can't learn, grow, be happy with all the consequences of our choices.

Throughout my journey I have had many insights and I am feeling truly guided. Human freedom is one of my heart’s wishes and also my personal path, also I am sure, it is our only way forward. But I believe what we need to remember, is that freedom should always go together with responsibility. My view on that is in this post.

Most of us are aware that the still existing systems and structures will collapse, perhaps we don’t know how will it happen and perhaps we don’t need to know that, but we know they will. I feel that under my skin and I believe you feel that as well. But for the old systems to collapse, we need to start creating new ones. We need to cooperate on a wider scale. Which I believe and somehow feel is happening already in some sense.

Why is it so important? Let's take the simple psychological mechanism called ‚the attractor’. According to one of the simplest definitions ‚attractor’ is „a state or behavior toward which a dynamic system tends to evolve, represented as a point or orbit in the system's phase space” (source: This is also how the systems work, they are attractors and they attract or suck in whatever is connected with them, like a water being sucked into the drainage, can you see this spiral, this vortex? What is also important to know is that the attractor, as the word itself defines, attracts the energy from the surrounding reality. What are the attractors of the current system? Is it 'money'? Is it 'power'? Is it both? Or more? One of the rules about the attractor is that in order to replace the old one, a new vortex, a new attractor must be created. The new one spreads the energy around and takeover those part of the old attractor, which are ready to be taken over, so that the old one would not be fueled anymore. When it has no fuel, it can't drive. It can't work, just dies, collapses. There is no possibility to remove the attractor without having a new one as the whole structure would have collapsed and. Well, even if it happened, there would be a lot of chaos. So, the more healthy way is to create a new one as an alternative. It works the same with habits, in order to change the old one, which does not serve you anymore, the new habit must be created, a healthy one, in order to replace the old one.

Should we then wait for the existing hierarchy to create a new attractor for us to suck us in even deeper or shall we take control on our lives, on our freedom and create new attractors? And what should they be? What systems would support our lives and the Planet as well?

Do we want the biggest corporations to sell us plastic bottled water with fluoride (which blocks your third eye and yet your inner knowing) where water should be free for all of us and we should keep it clear? Do we want to let to poison the food in order to speed up the growth, bring money to those who only care about their profits and then to waste 1/3 of total world’s food production which consists a 1,3 billion tones a year?! Or why do many of us still support this abusement?

Aren’t we exhausted by the heavy industry which destroys the Planet, by poisoning air and waters of our sacred Gaia?

Do we want to our children to live in such environment? Are we all able to live like that and for how long?

Aren’t we tired with all these illusions and manipulations?

On one hand, the governments and authorities have been aware of the problem of ecosystem destructions and that we really have little time left to do something about it and they seem to try to educate us. Which seems to be ok on the first glance. But weren’t actually they the engine of this? Haven't they created all these global organizations, tax privileges for the biggest ones, banking systems based on debt, central banking with centralized control and influence over the smaller ones? Haven’t they created and supported wars as great businesses? And heavens know what else! This is just to name a few. And yes, we took part in it. Through our lack of awareness, unfortunately sometimes through ignorance or an illusion of comfort, because we believed that this is ok. Today we are fully aware that it is not. We can see dramatic results of the past actions. 

But what is the most important thing in my opinion for us as humans, is to take responsibility for that, not the guilt. This makes a big difference. If we admit we are all a part of the consequences, this puts us in a position of personal power and strength and from such position we are able to act. If we let ourselves to be drawn by the sense of guilt, we regress to the victim state, which takes away our power, drain our energy as we use it to get angry or for revenge, instead for creation. None of this is productive for anyone. But responsibility is, always. 

Responsibility is freedom and freedom is responsibility (you can read more about my view on that here), this is how I see it.

How can we then start taking over control with responsibility and getting the freedom back? I have some visions coming to me on that, which is widely described here. But just to share a brief sneak peak, I believe that forming small communities would be a reasonable solution, they would be flat and would decentralize authorities, based on individual roles but working for the good of the community and the Planet. We would be like ants who have their anthills and they always work together in harmony to keep the anthill thriving. Or like bees, which are the tiny little creatures but enormously needed in the ecosystem, they support life.

I also believe that it is many of us out there who work on new systems to arise and we will soon have more higher dimension solutions to choose from. 

I call them the SOULutions?

With love,

Marta ???



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