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System teaches you to lie


A while ago I had an interesting experience with the System. By System I mean the bureaucratic structures, which is anyway what we create as humans. 

Just for clarity, I moved to another country, to Greece, so things are still new for me.

I got a ticket for parking where it was not allowed. Ok, I wasn’t happy at all, but even though the signs were not clear, I could have probably pay more attention. I had a talk with my friend who said: “maybe you don’t need to pay, the system here is a mess, haha”. Well, I knew it doesn’t work for me, as I can see how karma works in my life, both, in positive and negative way, it is just rapid. The ticket I got referred also in a way to my private situation, but that is another story. Perhaps that I even had that discussion about not paying the ticket, I got another one and this time they took my plates! To make sure I will pay…. I never thought such things are possible, but apparently they are.

I needed to solve this issue asap as I could not use my car. I was advised by someone to tell that I need to travel back to my country. Which was a lie of course, as I wasn’t planning to do so. I thought to myself, that I don’t want to lie! I went to Municipality to pay for the tickets. I asked at the Information desk where to go and I was advised to go to the sat desk, so I did. At the cash desk I was informed that I need to go first to a room number…whatever…because they will give me a paper with some note. Ok, I went there and had a conversation with a man, who gave me a paper and also advised me to pay and go to the supervisor and say that I need to travel back to my country and she will decide about giving my plates back! That information really annoyed me! Why on earth I would need someone’s permission if I pay?! WRRR…. Anyway, I went to the cash desk again and wanted to pay, payment was only possible with card, so I did, but my card was rejected… I tried again and it was the same, but I was informed I can’t pay by cash. OK, another advise was to go down to the bank and pay there. I went to the bank and tried to pay, but the lady told me that I can do it only in the machine which is specifically for payments but this only accepts cash. Ok, I had cash, so it was fine. It quickly appeared that not really. The machine can only give 10 euros back. My tickets were 80 euros together and I had 70 or 100 euros. So I asked the lady in the bank to change my 100 euros note. I was told that they are not allowed to change money. Hmmmm, I thought banks are created to deal with money, but maybe I am wrong….

I went outside to change a 100 euro bill. Then comes the intention. In the first place I took something for 1 euro and tried to pay with 100 euro bill. You can imagine that I wasn’t successful, but my intention wasn’t clear either. I did one thing but I meant another. Second approach was the same, because at first time I have not realised the intention part. I was already tired because it was already more than one hour of a struggle and running around, so I thought that I will use this 100 euro bill and will just have the 10 euro change and will lose the 10 euro, whatever. I was too tired. 

So I went back and put all the information at the machine’s system in order to complete the payment and when the final step came, I put in the 100 euros bill and guess what…? The transaction was rejected, because the machine could not give me 20 euros change, therefore not possible to complete….Aaaaaaaa! It was enough! I went out of the building to cool down and to think who to deal with this. Looked at the map to search for some other place where I could change money. This time I though I have to be clear with my intention and just ask for what I need instead of pretending that I want to buy something. I found a restaurant, came in and asked the waiter if he could help me with changing money but he said he cannot do it. Suddenly a man was passing by and heard my request and offered to change my money with a little joke of being concerned whether they are not false. We exchanged and I thanked to him. I went back to Municipality to complete the payment. Machine accepted cash as it was exactly the amount I needed. After that I still had to go to the cash desk, because they needed to give me some other paper, so many papers…. The man was very nice and friendly and said that he thought I was already gone, but I told him my peripeteia and he just said that well, it is just to keep us busy. He was right, it is to keep people busy with controlling others. I got my paper, went to the supervisor finally! I was serviced by two ladies, who gave me another paper to fill in and again advised me to write that I am travelling back to my country, so I did that finally, but wasn’t happy about it. The only positive thing was that I got my plates back and I could finally go home after more two hours struggle with the System.

In w way I sensed like the system was trying to get rid of me, hahah, but it won’t be so easy 😉 

I am staying here!

What have I learned from this experience?

I was told by few people one after another to lie and only because the fear appeared within me, I followed the "instructions". I believe the intention of all these people for genuine, they wanted to help me to get my problem solved and, as they know the system in their country, they also know what works best- a lie. Yes, they helped me, I got my plates back. But what would happen if I just said truth? I didn't make a big crime, I just parked my car in a wrong place, I didn't need to lie, but because of the whole situation and not being in my own country, my mind trapped me into fear and therefore I lied. I didn't feel good about it, because I wasn't honest with myself at first place. That was an interesting experience.

I really understand why all these structures must collapse. The number of obstacles created takes away our energy completely. From a bigger perspective, it is a great reflection of how societies work, because the system we create comes from within us all. The Matrix, as we often call it, is nothing else than reflection of our inner state, our inner mind. We create those complicated systems of control, but anyway we know exactly how to overcome them usually with a lie or cheating, because on some level, we feel it is not right. When we create all these limitations, where we can't be fully ourselves and that is why we don't let others to be as they are as well.

It is also a reflection of masculine and feminine energies. If there is too much control and limitations, the feminine aspect cannot expand in a healthy way. And again, it all starts within us and is reflected back in the physical reality.

What I can see as an observer of the reality and a person who truly believes by own life experience, that we create our own lives, the outside reality is a reflection of the inside reality. This is the only way it works. If you start with your inner reality, it will be reflected in your physical reality. And no one can do it for you, because you are the only person who knows what is best for you. This requires taking responsibility, which means control over own life as well as a power it carries.

I truly wish and dream that we all stand in our power, take responsibility for each one’s live and create better reality, better and beautiful world.

With love,

Marta ???

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