Spirituality and business


I observe that there is a common belief that spirituality has nothing to do with business, that it is more likely connected with religion, some magical rituals and other esoteric stuff….

Well, I would say Yes and No 🙂 as all these aspects may take you on your spiritual path.

But most likely I will share what my understanding of what spirituality is. 

I believe, that spirituality is being connected with your Soul and the Spirit. It is living your Soul lead life rather than just a body with the mind led life, how we have been taught and therefore how we perceive reality (and therefore it is very limited). 

?Being spiritual means being in contact with your Soul and with the Spirit, something greater and invisible, yet full of infinite possibilities.

?Being spiritual means to reach your fullest potential as a human being and express it in the physical reality.

?Being spiritual means being authentic and living the life you came here to live.

?Being spiritual means being responsible and free as the true freedom comes with responsibility.

?Being spiritual means being in charge of your life and being a true creator of your reality, your life.

?Being spiritual means being humble as when you are aware of being a part of something greater and powerful makes you use your great potential in the responsible way.

âť“How does that connect with business, or to be more specific- professional life?

As everything is connected, spirituality is not separate from professional life either. 

?Are you reaching your full potential as a business and do you know how to recognise that you do?

?Do you feel free running your business and how will you recognise that feeling of freedom?

?Do you feel free as an employee and how do you perceive your sense of freedom as an employee?

?Is the business you run or work for responsible in terms of environmental issues and how do you know it is?

?Can you fully and authentically express yourself at your working environment without fear of being judged, rejected, attacked or fired and what do you do to allow yourself  for an authentic expression?

?Do you feel being in charge, in control of your business/ professional life or rather being driven by external circumstances without a sense of influence over your life? How do you recognise any of these feelings?

Do you think that spirituality is important in professional life? Please share in the comments ???

With love,

Marta ???

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