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Small changes- big differences


We all know we need to change and very often we don’t know the way, or perhaps even if we know the way, we are still using old ways to get to the New. We can’t change the world without changing our mindset and our individual behaviours.

We still want more, when the reality shows us that less is more. Or actually less is better. Better quality. Quality is more, not quantity. 

Yoghurt example.

When I go to do some grocery shopping, I get so annoyed with all the plastic containers. Why can’t I buy just 1 yoghurt instead of 3. All of them are packed triple, because both producers and the sellers want to sell more. But at the moment I don’t need 3 yoghurts! They also use more plastic/ paper as they have to make these 3-packs somehow. 

What if every store has got containers where I can fill in my own container with as much yoghurt as I need? Yes, I know I have to carry my own containers then and I am ok with that. When I carry my own containers, I will perhaps buy less and only what I really need. Yes, I need to make some additional effort by taking containers with me and I prefer to do it instead of increasing further demand for more plastic. 

Yes, we would need stop with the marketing which makes us all more trapped with such kind of thinking. Yes, we would need to focus more on the quality of food instead of the beauty of the package and selling tricks. Yes, we would need to invent new ways to keep our food fresh in stores instead of plastic. 

Getting rid of old always create space for new ideas, always! 

At the moment I am choosing local markets to buy fresh vegetables and fruits and take my own bags with me, but I want the same with yoghurts, shampoos, soap, all what is possible. What is not, would be great to be packed in something which is food and environmental friendly. As if it is environmental friendly, it is friendly for us. 

Plastic contains Biosfenol A which is proofed to be very unhealthy for our body and can cause hormonal disorders. It is very often a part of the plastic bottles for water. When the water stays there for a long time, it certainly takes over the quality of the container and then all this gets into our bodies. Do we really want to poison ourselves? 

There are so many possibilities and ideas to make our world more healthy and every idea starts with you. With your attitude, your behaviour, your choices and your brilliant creativity. 

What can you do differently today to make our world more healthy? ????

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