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Selling is a relationship


We build relationships in various aspects of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

We are meeting our various needs though selling and buying. Like in a relationship. It is an exchange.

I do not know about you, but for me it is a very important aspect when I am treated fairly during the transaction, i.e. entering into relations with a given brand, service provider or seller.

And now we can debate what it means to be honest because it is a relative concept to some extent, excluding obvious cases of fraud (e.g. paying and not receiving goods when buying online, intentionally selling defective goods, etc.).

One aspect of fairness is the price. It is said that something is worth as much as the customer's willingness to pay for it. There are countries where there are no fixed prices and negotiations are a kind of game, a cultural habit.

I have encountered various situations when I was fooled as a foreigner - even in a service that was not one-off. And how do I know that? Because after subsequent verifications, it turned out that the price for the service for "natives" is X and for "strangers" it is No limits. Interestingly, where I was known and used to go or go shopping or for a certain service, I regularly meet with great kindness and often get something extra for free.

But why do we treat "strangers" in different parts of the world as those who can be tricked or used? What if that stranger comes back and becomes a native? Why don't we think about it in terms of long-term partnerships and relationships? Is a one-time profit more important than honesty and good relations?

Maybe because we don't see it that way at all. Perhaps because we live in a sense of complete disconnection from other people. Meanwhile, following Wilber's thought, the seller and the buyer are not separate from each other, this separation is only an illusion. When we remove this imaginary boundary, we find that there is only selling. 

Selling as a flow, the energy exchange.

Without the buyer, there is no seller and without the seller, there is no buyer. If the seller deceives the buyer, he is really deceiving himself, disrupts the selling, disrupts the flow, and disrupts the relationship. 

Selling is flow, selling is relationship.

Good flow, good day, good relationships. Without divisions, in unity.

With love,

Marta 🌿✨

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