Self-suggestion and heterosuggestion - Programming


“ ‘Auto-suggestion’ means influencing yourself with specific purposeful thoughts and images. Self-suggestion, like any tool, can help when used correctly or harm when used incorrectly.

The term 'heterosuggestion' means a suggestion from another person. The power of suggestion from time immemorial has a great influence on the lives and thinking of people all over the world. Political systems, religion and customs interact through heterosuggestion. "

Joseph Murphy "The Power of the Subconscious"

Every day, at every moment, what we think about ourselves, what we say to and about ourselves, is how we program ourselves. So we use auto-suggestion. Most often we repeat a lot of things unconsciously to ourselves, a bit through the looping effect.

If we repeat to ourselves that we are busy, tired, stressed, and sick, this is how we program our brain to deliver such a state and take actions accordingly. Yes, we may feel this way at the moment, but there is a huge difference when we say to ourselves: "now I feel tired", "I feel stressed now" etc. instead of "I'm tired", "I'm stressed”.

When we describe a feeling in a given moment, we are describing the here and now. Something that is temporary and fleeting.

When we tell ourselves that we are ‘this’ state, we immediately identify with it and become what we say about ourselves. We become a fatigue, a stress, a sickness.

When we say to ourselves: "I am calm", "I am well" we also become it.

We are also surrounded by information from the outside, from other people, social media, television and newspapers every day, at every moment.

Even my post is a heterosuggestion and I wish you would be aware of it.

If we wholeheartedly believe in what comes to us from the outside, we also become what we believe in.

Our subconscious mind is susceptible to all information and accepts it without evaluating, because this is its role.

And here is our role, our intuition and body to sense what resonates with us and what we consider to be the truth, and our brain’s, our intention to filter information and repeat to ourselves what we want to repeat, what will serve us, what will support and sustain us in our wellbeing.

So what do you want to say to yourself today?

What do you want to repeat to yourself every day?

How do you want to feel and what to experience to feel the way you want to feel?

Remember, it's up to you to choose. No one has control over you until you let it - consciously or unconsciously.

Have a good day.

Marta 🍀

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