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Seed- a story of abundance


Life has been a mystery for ages and still is. Even though science is able to deliver so many answers and explain the processes of how atoms and cells work to some level of detail, we still haven’t discovered much and perhaps we never will…and perhaps we don’t need to…

But we can just observe, learn and follow this amazing force of creation. We can follow its wisdom and guidance as it knows how and where to lead us towards itself, towards life. We just need to be open to its guidance. Perhaps we don't need to know how life starts and why it starts? Perhaps we just need to trust that Life knows better, better than us.

This amazing force is within All that is and because of that, it is also within you, within us. Within every aspect of creation.

The wisdom and intelligence of this force is beyond the human mind, yet the human mind tries to control it every step of the way. There is absolutely no need of control, everything is perfectly designed. We only need to tune into this powerful and mysterious stream of life. 

When we follow life, we don't need to control it.

We only need to become one with life.

Nature is a pure manifestation of life. Manifestation of two opposite forces enchanted in the eternal dance. Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine dance.

Soil represents Divine Feminine and the Seed is a representation of the Divine Masculine. They have no power to create life without one another.

As a seed is placed into the soil, the magic happens, the small big-bang happens in the Universe. 

The life force created from the two, brings plus one as a creation fruit. As the fruit of the creation grows above the soil, it emanates its own vibration, its own unique song. The song of life.

This unique song attracts insects, insects attract birds, birds bring other seeds and support plants to grow through their song, new seeds and plants attract animals, and the creation happens effortlessly. All that is vibrating with the same vibrational frequency of life is creating a wonderful mosaic of life.

This is how one seed and the soil create a whole ecosystem, this is how life creates more life. 

This is how the creation becomes abundance. The abundance of a variety of life forms.

This is when one word grows to the whole sentence. This is how one sentence grows into a story. This is how the story creates a video with words, images and sound.

SEED is this word. This is how it started.

This is how we create abundance, from only one word, one thought, you may create so much abundance if you follow this force, if you follow life. If you follow your heart and soul.

Life creates abundance.

You create abundance.

You are life.

You are the creation.

You are abundance 🍀

With love,



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