Soul Journey Session 2 h


Sessions are run online upon payment and the agreed session date. To book a date, please contact me via Contact page.

Thank you for your trust.

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Hypnosis Session


Who is it for?

  • If you want to connect with your Soul to discover yourself on deeper and higher levels
  • If you want to explore your past lives or parallel lives to get access to deeper knowledge about yourself, your lessons, obstacles and gifts
  • If you want to access your Higher Self to connect with the best possible version of yourself
  • If you want to heal yourself and raise your Soul’s vibrations
  • If you want to experience your life fully and deeply

Then Soul Journey is for you!

What will you experience and gain through this process?

  • Deep connection with yourself that will help you fully accept and love yourself
  • Deeper knowledge about your obstacles, lessons as well as your gifts and talents
  • Access to the best version of yourself as guidance for your true happiness
  • Peace of mind and heart when you connect with your true Self
  • Knowing clear direction in your life- your Soul Purpose through deep meditations and hypnosis



All sessions are online. This is not a self-learning course. All sessions are run by me personally. See you soon!


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