Life Coaching Session 1,5 h


Sessions are run online upon payment and the agreed session date. To book a date, please contact me via Contact page. Thank you for your trust.

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Who is it for?

  • If you want to discover who you are and what your talents and skills are
  • If you want to understand how you operate in the external world
  • If you are stuck in your life and feel you need a change but have no idea what you want to change
  • If you feel unhappy in any area of your life and looking for answers how to improve this area
  • If you have dreams and/or goals but don’t know what to start with to make them real

Life coaching is for you!

What will you achieve during the process?

  • You will learn about yourself, what are your talents, skills, dreams, desires
  • You will understand that you are unique and you operate in the external reality in your own unique way
  • You will understand how your believe system creates your reality
  • You will learn how to create your own well-being based on what serves you best
  • By knowing and creating yourself, you will create your own life as you dream
  • Permanent change in your life



All sessions are online. This is not a self-learning course. All sessions are run by me personally. See you soon!


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