Business Mentoring Session 2 h


Sessions are run online upon payment and the agreed session date. To book a date, please contact me via Contact page. Thank you for your trust.

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Who is it for?

  • If you have discovered you skills, talents and goals through Life or Business Coaching and are ready to create your own business
  • If you have clear goals and you need an organised process to make your goals a reality
  • If you run your own business and feel the need to implement exact changes, but missing tools to organise the process
  • If you have a clear idea and want to start your own business but missing the business knowledge and approach
  • If you want to learn new skills to improve your professional life through the organised process
  • If you need to redefine the mission and vision of your business (which means direction and higher purpose of why you run your business) and rebuild your business according to those
  • If you care about our Planet and have a clear vision and direction, want to start your venture supporting natural life recovery but need an organised process to start

Business mentoring is for you!

What will you achieve during the process?

  • You will learn how to specify your long term and short term goals for your business or your career role
  • You will work on your specific goal in an organised process to achieve your goal faster without unnecessary procrastination
  • You will take real actions towards your goal and be able to observe and analyse every step of the way to make adjustments if necessary
  • You will learn how to navigate your business when obstacles appear and how to overcome them
  • You will learn how to use your intuition to create and run your business or to make decisions in your career
  • You will learn how to combine creativity and logic in your business
  • You will step into your leadership role in your professional life!


All sessions are online. This is not a self-learning course. All sessions are run by me personally. See you soon!


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