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One of my daily habits I have incorporated in my daily life is improving the quality of drinking water. As we all know, we can’t survive without water, so it is extremely important element of our life. As it is important, it is good to give quality to it.

In many places we are being told that we could use the tap water and that could be true, in my opinion, on one condition, the pipes must be clear. Are they? I truly doubt it. Some use filters on the tap, which could work well I believe. I tried a pot with filter for a while as well, but as I started to read about the filters, I learned that most probably, they remove everything from the water, even those minerals that we need. I wasn’t able to check this in a lab, but there were two other aspects that discouraged me: the pot was still plastic and the filters were expensive. Moreover, all those filters packed in plastic make it even less ecological and more expensive. So I quit that solution as well.

Nearly two years ago I “accidentally” found something that immediately made sense to me- a copper pot for clearing the water.

Since then, this is on of my ways of cleaning tap water and making it healthy. I don’t have any scientific proofs, I trust my guts and observe effects. What I can say is that my skin is a lot better and I rarely have problems as I had in the past, the taste of water is so much different that a water from plastic bottle! Of course it happens very rarely that I buy plastic water, only when I have no other choice at the moment, but as much as I can, I carry my own bottle of water with me.

What is also great is that you clean the copper pot by using only natural ingredients, which is lemon and salt. Because nature figured out all the processes perfectly! We don’t need any chemicals to clean the copper pot.

Another important advantage is the financial aspect. The copper pot of 2L costed ca. 65 EUR. I will refer to my Greek prices. One bottle of 1,5L plastic bottled water is ca, 1,2 EUR, tap water in Greece is ca. 0,00065 EUR/1L. During one year I would either bought 365 bottles of water or drank 547,5L of tap water and that would cost ca. 0,3558 EUR. So 65,3558/1,2=54 days,. It means that the pot returned within 54 days. Let’s say that during one year I would have bought at least 1 bottle of water per day, it is a saving of 438 EUR.

Drinking healthy water supports your immune system, it supports your healing and saves you money. You could have something really good for yourself for 438 EUR, for me it is 29 massages (each is 15 EUR) in the place where I live, so two massages per month. I truly prefer the massage over plastic ?

By changing this “small” habit, I saved money, made myself more healthy and reduced usage of plastic, therefore generate less plastic waste.

So many advantages by only one small change ?

I wish you all a healthy day with good habits ?

*the picture presents my lovely copper pot ?

With love,

Marta ???

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