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Pegasus and Andromeda


Few months ago during my Cretan period, I had a very unusual evening. I was sitting on my small and lovely veranda and petting my dog.

All of a sudden I felt like something on a sky attracted my sight, I turned my head and looked at the night sky. There was an enormous star staring at me, like literally! I have never seen it before! I felt shivers all over my body. I was looking at the star and it was incredibly big, like no other stars around. I took my phone to see what is this and to take a picture as well (but with a phone you won’t get the same impression, ehh). I have installed some kind of application which shows planets, constellations etc. So I scanned the sky and this particular star. It was an Algenib Star from Pegasus Constellation. And Pegasus Constellation is a part of the Great Andromeda Galaxy.

Pict from my phone 🙂

I started to search more and more and even the official number of constellations, which is 88 is haunting me all the time since I don’t even remember when. At the moment it is  more intense than ever.

Some time after, when searching for yoga pants, I was immediately attracted to the blue ones with some stars on it and the name was…Pegasus ;). So I bought them of course 🙂

I read a bit at that time and that was it. Some time after, during my visit in Poland, I had a fantastic hypnosis session. It took more than 5 hours, a lot of inner work and deep contact with subconscious took place and a lot of discoveries happened. First part of the session was a long conversation and I was sharing my experiences as well as insights and exchanging information about the current and new reality that is coming and which I strongly feel on a vibrational level as well as in my visions and channeled insights. 

I got a hint that I might be an Andromedan Starseed and I got some guidance from that friend where to read more information. And so I did. Everything that I read appeared to be exactly about myself! My whole body started to vibrate while reading this! That was an amazing experience and a great reminder of who I am and what I came here for. 

If you feel it resonates with you, here is the link to this fantastic article:

It also helped me to feel good again with myself as this is one of the struggles we, the Starseeds have, the feeling of not belonging and struggling in the 3D reality. It was good and still is to feel home again. Everything makes perfect sense, especially the water attraction which became so strong. And most of all, the reason I am here.

Have a wonderful day.

With love,

Marta ????


I am leaving this post here as at the time of writing it, I felt relieved and happy with knowing who I am. Things change with time, well, I am still happy, luckily ;). However today (a year later and a due to another huge shift in my perception), I believe we are all starseeds as this is simply the way of experiencing multidimensional aspects of our being. As we heal and grow, we realize and experience the multidimensional aspects of our vast and amazing existence.

Andromeda and Pegasus constellation



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