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Patterns and Creation


It has been proved by the science that the world is vibration, frequencies and yet, magnetic fields. 

I am not a scientist, just an observer and I have my conclusions from what I experience and learn. Therefore, at least now, I am not going to present any scientific evidences or research, but will share my view.

Started to learn about sacred geometry, because simply I was attracted by different patterns like merkaba, flower of life, pentagram, heksagon and many, many other, also numbers and numerology are of my interest. And by getting into that, I started to see the world a bit through such lenses. Lenses of patterns and numbers, that holds the information about us, Nature, Universe. 

Nature itself is so pure as it contains all these natural patterns, which also means the vibration and frequency, as I believe each pattern is a specific vibration and frequency. Further, combination of all these patterns creates complexed vibrations and frequencies, just like music.

I am looking at the world, the Nature, the people, animals and what I can see and feel is a complete chaos. Like the patterns where damaged, distorted and manipulated. 

And why has this gone till that point? 

As we all come from the Source, which is perfect in Itself, our Souls, being a part of the Source, are perfect too and if we speak through our Soul, we perhaps are creating all these beautiful patterns, joining them together through harmonious vibrations and frequencies of our Souls and Hearts. By the way- it has been proved, that the Heart’s magnetic field is the most powerful magnetic field in the human body. So powerful!

What happens when we as humans, act and do being disconnected from our Soul and Heart, from our unique path of frequencies and vibrations? What patterns do we make? What patterns do we make when only our greedy ego is in control? Aren’t we making all this chaos? And we keep doing that by destroying Nature and ignore the Universe. By destroying what’s so primary, healing and abundant. The Nature by its diversity and abundance of forms is our natural source of healing. It has all we need, all cures, all natural patterns that we are missing since ages. No wonder that we need all these artificial medicines as we are lacking a natural source of health.

Nature is also the feminine power, well, obviously we all now about the patriarchal world we live in. And that it is collapsing luckily, however it will take some time. It has to, as we cannot live within it any longer. As there is a huge lack of feminine energy around us. Lack of harmony. What is within, we see outside. As humans, we took part in it throughout all our past lives and current lives and the whole creation spiral. Therefore, we all hold responsibility in some way. The responsibility to heal ourselves.

As we are now in the process of awaking of consciousness also awaking a powerful feminine energy, I believe this will start to manifest in the world. It has already, on some scale.

When each of us stands in their position and power and follow own path, we will weave beautiful patterns together again. Like a shoal of fish or a flock of birds, which know exactly where and how to navigate both as a whole species and as a single being. 

Let’s create New HeartH by bringing balance and harmony, by rebirthing the Nature within and without. Nature will support us when we take care of her. She will heal us if we let her heal.

With love,

Marta 💚



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