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Our thoughts create our reality- how does it work in our daily life?


Following what Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”, we are learning a lot from these words.

Although it may sound abstractive to us and we could think that such knowledge is not really what we need in our daily lives, we couldn’t be more wrong in my opinion.

How does this scientific approach influence our daily lives?

As it has been proved that everything is energy, frequency and vibration, including us- human beings, it has been also proved, that our thoughts shape reality. Our thoughts shape reality as our thoughts are energy streams. As we know this already, it is very important to be conscious of our thoughts. 

“Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”- Lao Tzu

Our thoughts are deeply connected with our emotions, so another aspect of how we create reality is our emotions. E-motion is energy in motion. Emotions influence our thoughts and our thoughts influence our emotions. One is connected with another and one influences another. We can change our emotions with the thoughts we think and we can change our thoughts with the emotion that we feel. As it all comes from within us, we have control over that process and not the other way around.

And finally, behind thoughts and emotions, there is always an intention, we can call it the purpose. The purpose, the intention is connected with the “Why?” question. Why do we do or want this or that? What is the deeper meaning of our actions?

Where does our intention come from? Does it come from our ego-mind or the heart?

If it comes from our ego-mind, it can make us feel anxious, stressed, forceful and put us in the fight mode, creating a belief that we need to fight for something. If it comes from the heart, it always brings us peace and calmness. The heart does not need to force anything. The energy of the heart is subtle and loving and will never put you in a state of stress or anxiety. 

The most amazing part of this process in my opinion is that there is always a mystery that science, at least until now, is not able to explain. It is the “why” and “how”. 

How and why does it happen, that a human being may transform its own state in a matter of seconds and minutes? What triggers that transformation? Science surely could track the whole process, but the moment the intention is being created is probably the most mysterious moment in the Universe. Perhaps it is the moment of connection with something greater than us?

Let me give you my simple life example because ultimately this is exactly why it is fascinating to have such knowledge and see how it works in our everyday life situations. They create our reality.

As I started to date someone recently, it is, at least for me, a very exciting time. Yet, as I am in the very fast-changing period of my life and creating my business in the new country, I am occupied with a lot of tasks and a lot of creative processes happening as well. I had some stressful bureaucratic situations that significantly impacted my life, so surely it also affected other aspects of my life. I knew and felt deep inside that I need again more time for myself to work on my goals and tasks but at the same time I really wanted to see my beloved one often. Of course he’s got his own tasks and life as well and as we were lacking some proper communication (in my opinion), I was a bit frustrated with that as well, especially when I knew we would probably not spend any time together during the weekend. 

What do I do when I am in a state of frustration? Frustration states tunnel me very much and get me attached to my own emotions and thoughts and makes me identify with them. To overcome this state, I need to take myself to the observer position, we can call it a meta position. It is for the sake of having a wider and deeper understanding of the situation. We are not our thoughts and we are not our emotions.

There are many different aspects of this situation that I discovered for myself, but for the purpose of this article, I will focus only on this particular one.

As we had no contact for the whole day and I was anyway occupied with my tasks, from time to time I was thinking of the fact, that “he didn’t have time for me today!” The program behind it is another story, but what is important, is that I know that to some extent my state of frustration and the energy of my thoughts caused a lack of contact. I know that because it is not the first time I observe this. So I started to ask myself questions: “Why are you frustrated because of the lack of contact, you can initiate the contact as well? Then I answered: “Yes, I could, but perhaps I didn’t want to.” Ok, so let's go further: “Why are you angry at him that there is no contact while you don’t want to write as well?” I answered: “True, I should not be angry at him as actually for the whole week, I was thinking of working during the weekend, and the fact he got other plans might be exactly what we both need in this situation.”

The moment I got back to my initial intention of really wanting to focus on my tasks during the weekend, my energy changed completely. I felt that. I took responsibility for my own thoughts and emotions and the initial intention. And I understood that to some extent, I created this experience for myself.

Finally, being in this nice state of peace with myself again, I just asked myself a simple question: “What do you need now, at this moment?”. The answer appeared immediately: “It would like to see him at least for a while, no matter for how long, even just for a hug.” 

And at that moment the magic started. Two minutes later I got the message: “I will be around your place, do you want me to pass by and say hi?” Of course I wanted and of course it happened.

It happened as both intentions were coming from the place of joy and I felt that.

It happened not only because of me. My imagination brings me visions of how things look like on a quantum level, don’t know if this is like that for sure, but I can see that as images.

I can see that as energy streams and energy swirling points. Let's say that intention is the swirling energy point and the thoughts are the streams. So, if somewhere within me the intention of the meeting, that energy swirling point was loving and pure and I sent this intention to the Universe through my thoughts, perhaps the same intention was being formed or already existed within my beloved one. And so he picked it up from the Universe, the vast Energy Field as it was aligned with his swirling energy point- the intention, and therefore he responded.

I love the magic of life!

What do you want to create today in your life?

Where does your intention come from?

With love,

Marta ?

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