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Our perception is our reality


And not the other way around. We shape our reality from within and then we externalise it.

Our five senses perceive only ca. 5% or external reality, which is anyway a projection of our internal reality, both individual experience and collective “soup”.

The remaining 95 % is our subconscious mind that creates our reality and we have really no idea how this is happening.

So we create 100% of our reality/ experience, however through our mind and its 5 senses, we can only experience 5%. When we start to expand our perception by experiencing the reality through at least a part of 95% of the subconscious mind, we start to live more fully. This includes contact with our body, emotions, intuition, dreams, visions, inspirations and a loooot more!

Do you know how your body works every nano second of your day and are you able to control that with your 5 senses? 

How do you know that what you observe is true?

Are you relying on your five senses only?

How often do you question the reality and your own perception?

If we try to control the so called external reality through only of the 5 senses, we are extremely limited in our perception. We are also very much prone to take others’ opinions and reality as our own and therefore to be controlled and tricked by it. By your own perception of course. Because it is us who decide what is true for us and what it is not. What is our reality.

Yes, we need our 5 senses, if you didn’t need them, we wouldn’t have had them, but it is not the ultimate experience of the reality. 

As you start to question the reality by realising that what you see and perceive might not be the only truth, you actually grow and expand your consciousness. You grow as a human being. 

I truly recommend this material and I really like the below sentence about how is it happening that we see the same reality:

“We agree not because it is truth, but because we have the same interface shaped on natural selections.”

What is also the most exciting thing, is that we can change our interface and create our own reality, if we want to.

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