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New systems- small insights


Since a longer while I have been thinking a lot about systems we have created to live in. Recent time of my personal transformation showed me, that I am not able to fit in those systems anymore and it was all coming to me when I tried to think about the life I want to live, a life of a free and responsible being. I thought that it is necessary to establish new systems before the old ones completely collapse as it will happen. I am sure about this, I guess we all know that. I observe this. In my own small reality. Some messages just come through me. Small things say a lot about the big ones and I know that because of one of the gifts I have- I am a big picture thinker. And very often when I intensively think about something I get the clues and guidance in the very unexpected moments. 

Few days ago, when doing my morning treatments (nothing complicated though 😉 which are my simple small daily rituals, one of which is the facial treatment, I have made a beautiful tiny discovery. I will just add, that still in spite of my full trust in guidance I am grateful and lucky to have, I have my moments of doubts and frustration, I really do. Because this is my ego that wants to know now, immediately, instead of let the Soul be guided. In these moments I am worried if I am really doing the right thing, will I have resources to live the way I want to and am destined to live without having a „regular” 3D job or other 3D way of living aspects.  But after moments of these disruptions and anxieties, I am always blessed with a little moment of enlightenment which gives me wonderful breath of assurance as well. There were two moments as such- probably my Guides know I need this from time to time, a double confirmation 😉 haha. Thank you for knowing me so well. Love and gratitude. Anyway, going back to bathroom engagements, for my face nourishment I use the simple base cream from the goat’s milk which I bought in one of the Monasteries and after that I am adding the amazing bergamot essential oil (or other, depending on my needs). I put the cream on my face since few months already, so the ritual became my strong habit and on that day I did something different. I put the cream on my face and rubbed it in. After I did that I realized I forgot to add the oil and in such case it is not the same! I immediately took the bottle with essential oil and guess what happened? It was finished! I used the last drop the day before without even knowing this because of the sticker! But my soul and body knew this before me and acted accordingly without double checking, thinking or whatever other way of controlling it. How amazing was that?! I felt such a joy in my heart and experienced a blissful joy. Then I thought- yes, you’re really safe, no need to worry as your soul really knows and the body follows. Mind is far behind. And at the right time, you will have the solution and you will just grab it.

The next morning the weather was so beautiful that I decided to stay outside and read and then had a talk with my friend. I always sit or lay on a sun bed I have there, but this time, not knowing why, I decided to take the chair from the small veranda. I sat down on the sun bed, relaxing and reading. After a while the straps got ripped and I fell on the earth. I was surprised, I am not that heavy ;)! But well, I moved to chair and in the moment I did that, I had exactly the same blink as the day before! My soul knew that before my mind and my body followed with taking the chair with me. I knew I will need it! I absolutely love such moments! My Guides are with me.

Such moments very often happen to me when I am in a time of a little frustration, feeling somehow suspended without knowing what the next step should be, what should I do and again, I know I am not able to figure this out with my head, by my heart knows this and follows accordingly. When I do not force and stay open, my Guides are showing me the way, my next steps. These moments became true blessings, these moments of suspension, as I learn a lot from them.

I am so grateful for my journey. I know it all happens to keep me guided and feel safe, that I don’t need to know every detail, because what I need to know is already within me and comes up when necessary.

Shortly after these two situations my friend sent me an email with new airline solutions and then I thought, fantastic, it is happening! New HeartH SOULutions are already being manifested!

We are doing it and we are on the right track! 

With love,

Marta ???


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