The New hEARTH

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Welcome to The New HeartH


Is to educate people in order to discover and empower our natural abilities, talents and skills and to have control over our lives and to co-create beautiful World together. A World full of abundance and infinite possibilities for everyone. It is educate people in order to have fulfilling jobs or establish own businesses and in general to live happy and fulfilling lives, based on who we truly are.

It is to cooperate with people, businesses, institutions, organisations in order to create new economic, social, cultural, health, ecological solutions, based on our common knowledge and creativity, that would be beneficial for societies and the Planet. Now, more than ever, we need new ways of coexistence that would support innovations and creativity in order to bring balance within us and on the Planet.

As we take over responsibility and cooperate, using our talents and skills, we can create personal and financial freedom for ourselves and others.

We support small and medium businesses made from the heart.

We believe in private property and free markets. Money is energy. 

Feel free to join our community either as a potential student and get information about workshops, personal sessions and other events, by signing in to Newsletter.

Or as a potential cooperative as a coach, mentor, healer, psychologist, food specialist, farmer, social worker, economist, business owner, artist, lawyer, politician or any other kind of educator or mentor in your field by contacting us directly via email.



The New HeartH is a space of education, innovation and creativity.

At the moment we offer personal coaching and mentoring sessions and group workshops online and stationary. All details of events and services are displayed at a Home and Academy page and distributed via Newsletter, so make sure you are signed in.

In the Recommendations section we are sharing useful information from the scientific and alternative world that we consider valuable and useful for personal and collective growth, health and wealth.

The goal for 2022 is to open a physical place- a Creative Hub in Thessaloniki in order to manifest necessary changes in the physical reality- educating people and bring new solutions for the society through innovations. If you want to support this idea, please donate any amount to the following bank account in euro: GR9602603950000630200604221. Any amount matters and we are grateful for each cent. Thank you so much! 



The New HeartH combines words New Heart, New Earth and Hearth. New Heart represent pure intentions, intentions not only for the individual but for the highest good of society and humanity. New Earth is the new World we are creating together as One. HeartH also means bonfire, fireplace, the fire, the light. The light which connects people, the Tribe. People who share the same purpose. The purpose of co-creating New Earth- New Paradigm. A paradigm, in which we are all co-creating from the level of heart. A paradigm of unconditional love.



Love, kindness, compassion, freedom, responsibility, respect, ethics, unity, truth, authenticity.


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