The New hEARTH

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Welcome to The New HeartH


The New HeartH combines words New Heart and New Earth. New Heart represent pure Heart with pure intentions, intentions not only for the individual but for the Highest Good of  Humanity. New Heart is your pure heart. New Earth is the high vibrational reality, in which we feel and know that we are connected, we are One, One Heart. It is the reality of pure hearts connected with one another creating high vibrational reality. HeartH also means bonfire, fireplace, the fire. The warmth of the heart that is driven by unconditional love. The fireplace which connects people, the Tribe. Tribe of One Heart 💚

The New HeartH is about new way of living, which in fact is not really new. It is the way we probably lived long, long time ago, the way we have been created for, but something just went the wrong way and our false ego took over control. However we have also the power to change it and to start living the life we have been created to live, a life driven by heart and Soul. Life full of abundance and infinite possibilities.

When you live with you heart and Soul you have your inner compass and you intuitively know what love is and therefore you respect and support all other life forms in any way. You are in sync with Nature and the whole Universe, you are in sync with life. Life is love. Life is given to us through the Unconditional Love. 

It comes from the balance of masculine and feminine energies, from the Unity within us as all what is within is reflected in the outside physical reality.

We all came here to learn love. Unconditional love. Unconditional love is the primal and unseen force that rules the Universe and it simply is the Universe. Unconditional love comes from the Source and is the Source. Unconditional love is God and God is Unconditional Love.

The New HeartH is the reality where creation takes place from the level of your heart and Soul. Your heart is the portal to higher dimensions, therefore to higher frequencies and subtle energies and if you access your heart and create your reality from there, you will manifest high dimensional reality on the physical plane, on Earth. Your heart is a portal to communicate with your Soul. That is how you transfer these frequencies to the Planet Earth.

The New HeartH is within you if you only want to access it.

The New HeartH is the vibration and frequency.

The New HeartH is Unconditional love.

You are Unconditional love.

We are Unconditional love.

Step into it and let’s co-create.

How are we going to get to The New HeartH together? => Read this.

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"The Higher your awareness of the Divine becomes, the more you tune into the vast realms of spirit and soul, where the mind is ruled by the heart and soul and not mind ruling the heart. You tend to feel more intensely than before, but now feelings become aligned to the fact that you are part of particle of All-that-is and to harm anyone is to harm yourself". ~Judith Kusel, "Soul Empowerment"

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