The New hEARTH

Welcome to The New HeartH


We are here to co-create a new paradigm!

A paradigm of unity, freedom, abundance, and unconditional love.


Accessing our true potential, in order to live fulfilling lives according to who we truly are.

Co-creating our personal and financial freedom and abundance in all forms.

Create meaningful relationships with others.

Co-create a community of like-minded people and create impact and real change.

Co-create an organic timeline as a way to access our true potential and co-create with the Source.

Healthy, happy and wealthy people create healthy, happy and wealthy societies.


We believe that by creating more small and medium businesses we are creating more diversity and wealth for everyone.

We believe that there is enough wealth and resources available for everyone and we want ordinary people to have access to it.

We are here to support ordinary people, small and medium businesses made from the heart and mission driven.

We support artists, craftsmen and creative innovators who want to act based on circular economy and upcycling ways.

We support businesses in their transformation and in finding creative solutions for the good of all involved.

We want to find new ideas and solutions to make our life healthy, happy and wealthy- together! 

We believe that simple life is a happy life and that we create our happiness every day.

We believe that future is organic.

We believe that sustainable life is a response to our need of well-being and overall well-being of the Planet.

We believe that together we can create new systems, systems that are created with respect to nature and humanity.

We believe that we are All One with everything as a creation of the Source.

We believe that every change starts within, within the individual being and is reflected in the external reality as a creation.

We believe that value (heart) and purpose (soul) driven businesses may change the World.


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We are all highly creative beings, we just need to rediscover this part of our existence!



The New HeartH is a space of awareness, innovation and creativity.

We offer personal coaching and mentoring sessions, group workshops & retreats, team buildings, and live events as well as online programs.

All details of events and services are displayed at a Home and Academy page and distributed via Newsletter, so make sure you are signed in!

We connect science and spirituality, conscious and unconscious, light and darkness, modern and ancient, traditional and innovative, Earth and Sky, heart and mind, feminine and masculine in order to access the reality on a deeper and higher level to find healing, solutions and innovative ideas!



The New HeartH combines words New Heart, New Earth and Hearth. New Heart represent pure intentions, intentions not only for the individual but for the highest good of society and humanity. New Earth is the new World we are creating together as One. HeartH also means bonfire, fireplace, the fire, the light. The light within which connects us, the people, the tribe, the team. People who share the same purpose. 

We find common grounds to build on. We build bridges to connect. We connect to co-creat

We believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they follow their heart and Soul. 



Love, kindness, compassion, cooperation, freedom, responsibility, respect, ethics, unity, truth, authenticity.


If you wish to support us with your donation, every support is highly appreciated. Thank you so much! 🙏

Donations can be made in PLN or EUR on following accounts with the "DONATION" title:

PLN: PL 82 1020 3378 0000 1102 0243 9990  BIC/SWIFT BPKOPLPW

EUR: PL 79 1020 3378 0000 1102 0372 5876 BIC/SWIFT BPKOPLPW


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