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Being in nature may bring interesting observations, ideas, insights, you name it. While walking at the beach today I was looking at the plants and started to think of how it is possible or rather what force makes them growing towards the sky. I am not a scientist, just an observer and I really love to have those kind of inner discussions with myself. 

As I am fascinated in Sacred Geometry and now I tend to look at things, especially the nature through the lance of geometry, it brings a total different view on reality. I can see that it really is mathematical and perhaps this is the reason why Galileo said: “Mathematics is the language of God”.

Everything that exists seems to be a reflection of geometry and therefore mathematics. Perhaps the great mystery is how the process takes place and even though we learn, discover and study more and more, we will never be able to solve this great mystery. It only belongs to God and perhaps it is better this way.

Nevertheless, to use the knowledge of science for the purpose of healing ourselves and the Planet, I believe it is the right approach. It is always about intention.

What I have learned is that our reality is fractal, which in simple words means that it is a never-ending pattern, which replicates itself continuously. Or to be more specific, it is a set of infinite number of fractals. You can read more about fractals here

Roman lettuce

Imagine a flower with a hexagonal shape. This flower and its shape replicates further with its own patterns, partially visible and partially invisible. Perhaps this invisible web created from patterns produced by the flower connects the flower with Universe and their patterns, through the water, air and then space? There must be a force that pulls the flower or other plants up towards the sky and we can’t see it with our eyes. We can only observe the effect. Hexagon usually replicates itself with further hexagons as well pentagons (according to John Michell and his book: “The Story of Creation according to Sacred Geometry). The visible parts are the roots, leaves and flower heads and/or fruits and the invisible part is perhaps like a spider web? A web that connects all plants with All that is. That includes humans, animals and all life forms as well. We are all geometry and fractals.

And we are also within this web. We are all connected to the Earth through gravity in a meaning of physics. But as all in life, there is always the opposite force, so there is also the antigravity. If gravity keeps us close to the Earth, than perhaps what keeps us, all plants and other life forms moving and growing is the antigravity? Perhaps without antigravity, we could probably not move, couldn’t grow and therefore evolve? Does antigravity has anything to do with multidimensionality of reality? All these thoughts came to me just by simply walking on the beach….

And following that, more questions arose. What happens when we ruin the nature? What happens with these invisible connections? Are they replaced with others? They could be or there might be some holes. The question is what are these connections or what are the holes? What is being fractaly replicated in the place of disrupted connections?

At that moment I understood the sentence which I read in one of the books: “Nature is multidimensional”. Yes, it is, it is pure God’s pattern, the perfect geometry of the Great Mathematician.

Aren’t we losing access to multidimensional nature when we destroy Nature? Aren’t we losing connection with God when we destroy Nature? Aren’t we destroying life when destroying Nature? 

With love,

Marta 🍀🌍



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