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I believe that all the answers are in Nature and Universe, yet, we know very little about them, even if we already learned so much. I believe that Nature is Science and Science is Nature, it is just a task for us to discover and encode it for the good of the Planet and humanity.

What if our ancestors had technologies more powerful than we do have now? 

Maybe ancient civilizations were a lot more advanced even if we think they might have been primitive? Today is perhaps not even a „maybe” but rather a „how did they do it”?

Maybe they didn’t need all the smartphones, computers, vehicles to live, except for conscious mind and heart and Nature around them?

We have created so many wonderful things: vehicles, devices, buildings, etc. But at the same time, we have created probably even more awful and chaotic things that exist in our material reality. Why is that so? One of my previous articles about patterns and creation gives a bit of my view on that. 

Maybe they were able to create matter, such as all these magnificent buildings simply with the power of their balanced mind and heart, through subtle energies? What we are not able to do today. And why have we lost such abilities? Perhaps because all the manipulation of energies and therefore losing balance and harmony within?

Maybe all these architectural wonders, as they are usually connected and directed towards other specific galaxies, were made only by the power of their hearts with no need to use any hard machines and human hands, because they were driven by their powerful however subtle and balanced energies? That is why we still need to put so much effort in doing things, because we mostly use our mind, not heart.

Currently all these abilities are blocked and unavailable for most of us. They will return one day I am sure, when we start to understand and work with our energies on a large scale, when we discover and uncover what has been hidden from us and start to create from the level of our hearts, which are connected with our Souls. 

Maybe they were able to shape the matter using their hearts’ magnetic fields, putting the sacred patterns in vibration and frequency and form geometrically perfect shapes? Maybe that is why we are not able to perfectly create and build, which means using perfect symmetry and geometry?

Maybe these buildings and places were built and created by other species from faraway galaxies, but maybe humans had something to do with that? Or maybe we are all cosmic children? Or a mixture of both? 

This knowledge was for some reason taken away from us, forgotten and hidden deep down and under. But it is still within and we can access it, by going within. I believe it is a great time of awakening of ancient wisdom to serve humanity and the Planet and to shift the consciousness to higher levels.

Without connection with Nature and its healing and creative potential, we are being disconnected from the wisdom. We are disconnected from the brilliant and powerful free technologies but also we are threaten of extinction as a species.

Maybe we don’t need more advanced devices, which are anyway, the reflection of what is within us, but perhaps we need a clear and conscious mind and heart, connected with our Soul? We need to listen to our body, learn of what our body is, how wonderful and amazing machinery for multidimensional journey it is.

I believe there are many ways to get these abilities back. There are many ways for the journey within. You chose yours, as I can assure you, it is the most beautiful journey you can take yourself to.

With love,

Marta 💚

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