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I really like small daily examples, because they are the easiest to see, yet sometimes we actually don’t see them because they seem so meaningless. In fact, our reality is composed of all these small daily issues that is why everything you do, experience, really matters as it creates your reality. Your reality is made of all these little puzzles. The more mindfull you are about your daily life, the more healthy and beautiful you may make it.

I love writing about all my thoughts and visions, but thoughts and visions are nothing without daily actions. They just stay there, they are beautiful, but without action, there is no creation. There is no change.

As my awakening journey started few years ago, step by step, I started to change every aspect of my life. As changes were happening within me, actions then were followed by each change. I didn’t also know at that time that I will start to be so fascinated about water, today it is more obvious to me, as with time, the decisions you have made become more clear and clear. Either you are happy about them or not necessarily, but especially if you are not happy with the result, it is never too late to make changes. Because as I said, everything really matters. 

One of these aspects is a drinking water. And even if we may think it is just water and it is not so important, it actually is. Everything you do, may support you on your spiritual journey or work against you. It is always your choice. And therefore it is your responsibility. 

We are being told that we should drink water and I believe it is absolutely crucial for our health and life. I also believe that plastic is very unhealthy. There are many research as well, that plastic contains Biosfenol A, which may have some impact on creating cancer cells, cause (probably not directly but still) fertility problems and many other damages to our health. Yet, we are surrounded by plastic containers and it is not very easy to eliminate it from our lives. But perhaps we can try to do it step by step. 

Water in plastic bottles absorb the toxicity of plastic and then we drink the toxic water. Not to mention that we feed the pockets of biggest corporations, which happen to be the owners of most of the water springs, therefore control the water as a  natural resource. All of this made a total disapproval within myself for such situation. So what could I do as a single, ordinary human being? 

I started to change my habits. I started first with a plastic pot with filter and I was using it for quite some time and also I had a bottle with filter. That surely saved my money at some point, but in fact filters cost as well and as I started to read more, it was said that filters clears the water also from the minerals we actually need. As this seemed not to be a good solution for me anymore, I knew I need something else, more simple and natural. As you create this need for change within yourself and it is genuine and good for you, the Universe starts to bring you the right solutions. This is how it works.

Some time after, “accidentally” I found a copper bottle in one of the spiritual shops, so I bought it. It was ok for some time but as it was small I found something that met my needs, a webpage with copper dishes and I started to investigate. I read about the qualities of copper, etc. And also the financial aspect of this. It all made sense to me so I bought the pot. 

Since then, I clean tap water (just because I believe that even if tap water may be good in many places, the pipes are old in many places as well, so they can transport bacteria etc.). I don’t have any scientific proofs but what I can say is that my skin is a lot better and I rarely have problems as I had in the past, the taste of water is so much different that a water from plastic bottle and I know I saved a lot of money! Of course it happens for me from time to time to buy plastic water when I have no other choice at the moment, but as much as I can, I carry my own bottle of water (stainless steel one) with me in which I have my cleaned water.

What is also great is that you clean it using also the natural ingredients, which is lemon and salt. Because nature figured out all the processes perfectly! We don’t need any chemicals to clean this copper pot and I believe we don’t need them at all as , what I truly believe is that The Future is Organic.

I have this pot for 1,5 years now. I bought it in Poland and the price converting from PLN to euro was ca. 65 EUR. I will refer to my Greek period as it has already been more than a year since I am here and of course I took my pot with me (it is also very beautiful). One bottle of 1,5L bottled water is ca, 1,2 EUR, tap water in Greece is ca. 0,00065 EUR/1L. During one year I would either bought 365 bottles of water or drank 547,5L of tap water and that would cost ca. 0,3558 EUR. So 65,3558/1,2=54 days,. It means that the pot returned within 54 days. Let’s say that during one year I would have bought at least 1 bottle of water per day, it is a saving of 438 EUR. 

Yes, I know it sounds like a lot of a hustle, but in fact, it is not at all. It just becomes your habit after a while. 

You drink healthy water and this supports your immune system, it supports your healing and saves you money. You could have something really good for yourself for 438 EUR, for me it is 29 massages (each is 15 EUR) in the place where I live.

Isn’t this great?!

*the picture presents my lovely copper pot 😍

With love,

Marta 🌍💧💚

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