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I am sure you know how Buddha got to his enlightenment. He was just sitting under the fig tree for 40 days. What happened then? Only him would know I guess, but perhaps just by sitting, being present he got connected with All that is. Perhaps it also happened because he had no expectation of any goal as such….? Just pure intention of an open heart and mind.

I believe and my experience proves me all the time, that only when we surrender and don’t expect any outcome, we can stay truly connected with the Source and be guided. We can stay open to what is coming and open to receive it. What I have also observed is that it is simply happening while we are in Nature as when we spend time in Nature, we naturally connect with the force of life, the force of love. The connection just happens effortlessly.

My experience while spending months in Crete now brought me to this observation. Surely, meditation, yoga, some other rituals and complete change of habits as well, they are part of my life already and definitely allowed the deeper connection with myself and the Universe, but what is most important I believe, is the pure heart intention to be open to connect.

Step by step I started to discover my channelling gifts, which in my opinion are just a way of connecting with the Universe and its energies and downloading information that are in resonance with my mission and therefore with my vibrations and frequency. For this reason it is crucial to keep the vibrations high in order to connect with the higher dimensions. Certainly, it is not happening all the time, there are many other densities and vibrations we experience every day, but also the regular practice is to keep the connection ongoing. It has now became my daily hygiene as if it happens for me to neglect it (I would not even say to forget), I can immediately feel the huge difference in my energy field, because of how my energy works as a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

As I started to discover my channelling gifts, I got into the point, also by listening to other Chanel Mediums, where I started to think if there is a certain Being in contact with me. And so I just asked the Universe this precise question: “Who is channeling the information through me? Does this Being have a name?”. I didn’t need to wait long for the answer. Just some moments later, I was writing something on my laptop and suddenly my dictionary changed one of the words to “Arhat” written with a capital letter. I immediately knew that this is my answer. It sounded like an ancient name, perhaps in Sanskrit, so I decided to google it. I don’t know Sanskrit, to be precise, but after watching so many documentaries about beginning of civilisation, Sanskrit is considered to be our primal language, the words just sounded similar. My quick research confirmed that the word is actually a Sanskrit word and in Buddhism the word literally means: “is one who has gained insight into the true nature of existence and has achieved nirvana, the state of enlightenment.”

To be honest, at first I felt strange, like it was not possible as I felt I haven’t done anything special and how can that be? My ego was resisting this message, but then I though, well, maybe this is how it is…….Why to doubt that? I will accept this fact and keep my connection alive.

With love,

Marta 🌍💧💚



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