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Once upon a time, there was no money. People started to discover that they have a need to create, as they started to feel the energy that pushed them towards creation. Probably the creation was preceded by the needs in a first step but also followed the heart’s desire and curiosity of the world around. 

When people started to create they realized that they can exchange. Simply, because what once could do, the other was not capable of, but had different skills and therefore was able to create in alignment with them. Create something what met others’ needed. So this is probably how the exchange started. The exchange was a natural way of fulfilling the needs and using gifts, talents and skills of individuals. 

Then the breakthrough happened. People became so advanced in using their energy of creation that they were not able to directly exchange within their small society, but also they started to have other needs, which couldn’t have been met by what was created within community. So they needed to expand their horizons to search for other creators, skilled with what they were not able to create. And the exchange continued. 

As a next breakthrough, people started to have all the needs fulfilled, those they were conscious of, but the need for creation was still alive, as it always is. 

Humans are here to create! And needs are always there, they’re natural. Even if they are not conscious and named, but they are stored within.

Then it happened! When all the conscious needs were fulfilled but the need for creation was ongoing, people invented money. A kind of a storage for energy. A third factor in the energy exchange chain. They wanted to create and exchange, but there was nothing they would consciously want at that moment of exchange of the energy. So they started to use this third element of energy exchange. The energy container for future needs.

At the beginning money was simply gold- very precious metal created by Nature. Then, there were also other metals: silver, bronze, copper and some mixtures of them all. Further more came precious stones and minerals. 

That was all coming from the Nature. All the „money” whichever they were, were a part of Nature. And there was a cycle of exchange, natural cycle. Coming from Mother Earth. 

When this was not enough anymore, the printed money came up. Money evolved to currencies. 

For many decades, the printed money had to always be equal to the actual gold possessed by countries. And, as everything, they were enough, until again the limit was exceeded. And another barier was broken.

Life has cycles and very cycle comes to an end so that another cycle may appear. Yet, another breakthrough’s fruits showed up as crypto currencies. 

Seems like the evolution of money through the exchange of energy reached amazingly advanced level. 

I am wondering, where is the limit again?

What kind of energy is stored in all the money in the world?

Does it all come from the humans natural creation process to fulfill their needs? 

Well, I guess, we all know it doesn’t. 

Majority of the money are in many cases a result of greed, abusement, manipulation, violence, wars and many other destructive energies. Why? Because in the last centuries we had so many wars and as they say, war is always a very lucrative business. Last decades or even centuries where full of violence, sometimes driven by the biggest countries, corporations and organizations, who were abusing people in order to produce more money, more energy. Using children for work, slavery, disrespect, mobbing, just to name a few. Therefore our global money storage seems to be a messy one and full of garbage, full of energy which is not feeding us, but instead is toxic and poisoned. 

So the questions are: Do we want to store such energy? Can we transform this already existing energy? And how?

How can we start create pure new energy exchange again? So that the money we make through it will have the energy of great value? The value of love, compassion and creation from the heart’s level. 

I guess it all takes place slow by slow, when each and every creator acts and creates with hers or his heart and puts it out to the world. We just need to have our hearts open to be able to receive this energy and also to exchange. 

How is your energy today Beautiful Soul?

With love,

Marta ???


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