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Message from jellyfish


I came to the beach today, the last day of my longer weekend and I started to settle in. Took my towel and put it on a sun bed. While doing that I just had a thought that this is a very good example of showing how to cooperate with life, with energy, to go with the flow. I always put my towel in cooperation with wind, that is just much easier. It is with the flow of wind, so the towel folds itself. Only when the wind is strong, I need to help a bit and hold the towel. Check yourself, if you try to do it against the wind, you need to put a lot of effort so that the towel folds flat. And that was just a small introduction for the day.

As I am going through something difficult at the moment and healing my heart and old wounds again, I tend to forget how important is to trust and to surrender. I know that and I forget that in the difficult moments, especially when I get stuck in my head with my thoughts. Which not necessarily always helps.

I love drifting on the water, I started doing that just recently, this year actually. Even though the water is my main zodiac element and I love water for many reasons, I was a bit afraid of it. So I just started to practice this surrender mode in water. I just lay and drift, only my face is above the surface. I let my body to be carried by waves. It is an amazing feeling. I feel like I am experiencing some kind of paradox. I have no control over the sea and I have full control over my body. When I control my body just a bit to adjust it to waves, it all feels smooth and safe. Really good! 

I had so many thoughts lying on a sun bed again, thinking about what I need at the moment, what I want, what happened etc. 

I went into the water again, swimming and floating and still thinking… I was thinking of doing something, because at that moment I felt I really need it, knowing that probably it won’t do any good to me but my thinking around this was so intense, so as the need. Any of these thoughts were coming from heart and love, only pride, anger and temporary desires. And exactly in the moment of having all these thoughts, I felt a pain in few places around my body, one after another, like something bitting me or burning me. I started to move quickly trying to get rid of that something and went out to the shore. It was burning and painful! But I couldn’t see anything on my skin, after a while I saw red bubbles. I asked a local person on the beach and I was told that this was a jellyfish bite.

Great! I got scared in the first place, because I know it might be dangerous. But I was also told that it should be Ok. 

First thing I did was reading what jellyfish means as a power animal. And as usual with things like that in my life, it was just straight to the point. I got the message dear jelly fellow! 

Jellyfish is considered to be the oldest animal on the Planet having even 500- 700 million years! They combine two elements- water and fire, water as a symbol of emotions and fire as symbol of Soul and the power of heart. I take it as the heart lead by its desires. It is also a symbol of great intuition and total surrender to the flow of life, in a positive way, in trust to Higher Power, the Heavens and the power of own heart. It is also a message of faith, sensitivity, protection, inner power, clarity, softness, acceptance, unity with Nature. It does not need to force anything as it is perfectly guided by the currents of life. It is its nature and way of being.

Ok, jelly, I got the message! I will not force anything. I can’t do that anyway, because my Soul won’t let me and my Guides as well. Thank you for this reminder ?

So, as it started with the towel and being in the flow of life and it’s currents, I tried to force something, knowing that this might not be good for me. I tried to control, speed up and know better. But instead the "only" thing I need to do, is to surrender and trust, even if it seems so hard at the moment. But there is no other way. The Higher Intelligence knows better than me, even if I try to get answers quicker than I should. 

I wouldn't find a better and more creative way to make a reminder like that. Heavens always surprise me, always! ?

I laid down, put one hand on my belly and the other one at my heart, started to breathe and trying to let go of any thoughts or only the positive ones to stay with me. And I was like that for quite some time. The pain and burning was gone. It is still a little red, but I almost don’t feel the pain. 

What a day… 

With love,

Marta ???



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  1. Pięknie i przyjemnie w odbiorze napisane. No i treść wartościowa. Pozdrowienia 🙂

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