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Meeting "Them"


It was an ordinary October’s evening, but somehow different that all the other. I went to the beach that evening around the sunset time, which was usually not my time for beach walks, but I felt that need.

I had a long walk and I was listening to the music all the time and even dancing a bit while walking. There was almost no one on the beach, just some people finishing their diving far away and I passed them by at some point when walking and walking alongside. I was breathing deeply, watching the sea, looking at the plants around and taking some photos of them. The sun was going down but it was still light, or rather grey with beautiful orange sun.

I was walking back and still listening to music, latin- my favourite and still had my dancing walk. I felt so happy being in such a beautiful place, in Crete, on the wild beach. 

I stood at the shore and I was just looking at the sea, just feeling happy for what I was experiencing at that time and for my life and all the decisions I took and which led me to where I was. I turned my gaze a bit to the right where was a kind of natural pool shaped from the rocks at the sea shore. For some reason, every time I was coming to this beach during the day to lay and swim, I was always close to that place. So, I looked at that “pool” and I saw some grey postures, very thin and not very solid in their appearance, rather like etheric bodies, the shadows. I didn’t count how many of them were there exactly, but I assume it might have been around 6, 7 or 8… a small group. They were just there. I felt a strong shiver running through my body and I even felt kind of…shy.. I didn’t know what to do! So I decided to do nothing, just be there and stay in contact, if I may call it this way. I had a quick thought that I should maybe reach my phone and take a picture, but something stopped me from doing so. So I was just there together with “them” in some distance of probably less than 100 meters. Just listening to music, smiling and feeling incredible, there was a little fear mixed there, but just a little one, rather casted by this unexpected meeting. The sun was going more down and some car arrived, putting its lights to their direction and it was all gone then. I could not believe in what happened, I was overwhelmed but also very calm inside. I went back home feeling grateful for this meeting.

The place where I saw them was quite unique for me, I felt good energy there. There were also some ruins around and having my insights about Atlantis, I even had a thought that perhaps these ruins might be a part of Atlantis civilisations. Didn’t know why I had this thought at that time, but one by one I was discovering many information and myths about Atlantis and one of the potential locations of this civilisation is considered to be Santorini, the Greek island. I haven’t been there, but one of the archaeological sites with potential ruins of Atlantis were in a place called Akrotiri. And Akrotiri was also the name of the peninsula in Crete, where the “pool” and ruins were, all was close to where I stayed as well.

The "pool"

During my Cretan time, especially in the evenings, I was very often experiencing the feeling of someone or something being around me. It was strange, sometimes, depending on what I was reading or watching at that time, I was a bit scared and sometimes I felt excitement and curiosity. But most of all I really trusted that I am safe. And who or whatever there is around me, it is there with good intentions.

Some time after I read somewhere that the “meeting” may occur when you are in a very high vibrational state and that very often people who experience that do not have any pictures or proves, because probably they intuitively feel, that it would scare off the visitors. I sense a lot of logic in this somehow illogical fact. If I wanted to take a picture, that would only come from my ego and a need to prove it to someone. This drive is not a high vibrational state. And those beings, I believe are so highly sensitive to any vibration, that they simply move away from anything that could harm them. 

I remember when I first saw “Arrival” movie, it is one of my favourites. I was fascinated of the whole story and what I remembered the most was that the beings who came to Earth had the intention of cooperation and they came with the message. It was only our human ego and limitations of our mind telling us that we need to fight with them, because surely they came to conquer the planet and destroy humanity. Instead of looking at the fact, like that their space ship was not emitting any energy at all, like it was not there, which would mean that they were not influencing the surrounding in any way, neither good nor bad, however the human mind tried to fight with the visitors, just in case they had bad intentions, because this what the programmed mind was telling them. Who creates peace and who’s intention is conflict? 

There is a lot to be revealed and people will be surprised or shocked even. What reaction you chose, depends on your own inner state, on you own intentions, fears and faith. 

Whatever happens, always happens for a reason.

With love,




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