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Medusa- messages from the Soul


When I started my new journey, or rather an old love for drawing, painting and all creative expression, which I buried deep in my subconscious mind for many years in pursuit of a career and sometimes someone else’s goals, layers of creative power began to uncover and more creativity started to flow through me and my Soul began to awaken even deeper.

And by being on this journey, I discovered very interesting things.

Drawing and painting help me to connect with my Soul and Spirit, with the All-knowing field, and get messages that I need for myself or perhaps even for others. This is the way I channel messages. And so you can as well!

One day (a year ago) I just found an art shop in Thessaloniki and bought some basic necessities. I don't know painting techniques and I didn't start with that at all. I just started by trying and playing with colors and forms. I am still a beginner when it comes to painting techniques, but perhaps that is not what my Soul truly wants. Perhaps it is just about expression and messages. Maybe it is meant to be as such, at least for now. 

Each painting that I paint has its own story, which is revealed over time, sometimes the impulse comes during the creation process and then I know what my Soul communicates. My body, my hands give a form to these messages.

Nature, the Universe, and life inspire my Soul and my Soul is also a manifestation of this inspiration. It is part of Nature and the Universe, as well as Nature itself and the entire Universe at the same time.

How have I created Medusa?

Usually, I paint and draw when I feel something that I can’t express with words. I feel that there is something within me that needs to be expressed and I start my creative process then. It is not always nice feelings, sometimes it is even anger, frustration or anxiety. But when I start to paint, everything changes.

What I also noticed is that even if I have something in my head, an idea of what I want to paint or draw, usually when I start the process, it is a bit or even completely different from the initial picture in my head or the idea I had.

I wrote a story about my creative process, which you can read here for inspiration if you wish.

I believe it is the wisdom of the body and Soul speaking through it, Our head may have millions of ideas but it is our body that embodies them, as the name itself suggests.

So, the story of Medusa started a while before my friend’s birthday. I have painted a painting for her as a gift already before. It just happened ‘by accident’. I had a canvas with prepared golden background and I felt that I want to paint something. I chose colors and one of them was purple. I started to paint with the purple and immediately as I started I felt it will be a gift for my friend, perhaps because she loves purple and even her logo is purple, so there was this link, but surely it did not come from the head. 

I finished the painting and was very happy about it, gave a name to it, but this could probably be a different story 😉 anyway, my friend loved it!

But because it was still some time till her birthday, I thought that maybe I will paint something more or different. I don't know why I had this feeling.

So I started my creative process inspired by the amazing greek colors surrounding my everyday life. I start each painting from the very inside of the canvas (it is a message as well) and so I did this time too.

I was creating those lines one after another, cooler after color. And when I finished I just left it.

I was still hesitating about which one to give as a gift to my friend, but I decided that the first impulse was right, so I left the greek one for myself. However, I showed a painting to my friend anyway later on and she said: “wow, it looks like Medusa!”.

And I really felt something, as believe me or not, this symbol was appearing for me in different ways for quite some time. I know this symbol pretty well from Greek mythology, but I needed to refresh my memory as usually when I read I get new messages. And it was as such this time as well.

I will not repeat the whole story of Medusa, but here are a few bullet points from the article (here is the link to the full article) at

“Lessons from Medusa’s Story

  • Silencing Powerful Women – The beheading of Medusa can be seen as symbolic of silencing powerful women who voice their sentiments. As this article from the Atlantic puts it: “In Western culture, strong women have historically been imagined as threats requiring male conquest and control. Medusa is the perfect symbol of this”.
  • Rape Culture – Medusa has been stigmatized and has unjustifiably been blamed for the consequences of male lust. She was unfairly blamed for “provoking” a god with her beauty. Instead of punishing her abuser, Athena, supposedly the goddess of wisdom, punished her by turning her into a hideous monster. It can be said that Medusa is an ancient representation of sexual stigma that still happens today. It’s still a matter of contention that rape victims are often blamed for the rape and, in some cultures, are vilified, ostracized and labelled ‘damaged goods’ by society.
  • Femme Fatale – Medusa is the archetypal femme fatale. Medusa symbolizes death, violence, and erotic desire. Once an enthralling beauty she was turned into a monstrosity after she was raped by a god. Such is her beauty that even powerful men couldn’t resist her charms. She can be equally enchanting and dangerous, and in some cases, she can be fatal. She remains one of the most identifiable femme fatales even today.”

I felt something deep inside, bubbling within me for quite some time. My personal message was about expressing the truth. I felt that I have not been expressing myself as I deeply feel I want to and my Medusa painting bright me healing. Acknowledging this Soul whisper and expression gave me a profound insight onto my journey.

If you feel it may speak to you as well, you may buy my painting.

But in anyway, you may just be inspired by Medusa’s story to discover something for yourself.

The realm of symbols lives deep inside of all of us, on the individual and collective level, Stories, legends and myths are so alive in those dimensions but we rarely seek answers there.

Yet, this is a powerful way for self discovery, healing and growth.

I wish you a beautiful journey within ✨

Thank you for connecting 💚

mARTa 🌿 Inspired by Nature

You may buy the painting using the following link:

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