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MEDUSA- collective messages from the Spirit


I keep receiving messages from the Spirit. It is just so powerful how this works and I am always using my discernment to pass the right message. The right means coming from a place of love, truth and compassion. 

As I have already written a story about my personal interpretation of this message (you can read it here)as well as the process of how the message came, I feel that a portal of messages has opened up and a lot of collective messages are coming through.

The message became deeper, hence this article.

I pay attention to what I am drawn to. And I was constantly drawn to a few parts of the message of the Medusa symbol.

Silencing Powerful Women – The beheading of Medusa can be seen as symbolic of silencing powerful women who voice their sentiments. As this article from the Atlantic puts it: “In Western culture, strong women have historically been imagined as threats requiring male conquest and control. Medusa is the perfect symbol of this”.”

What does that mean for us? What is the collective message that I received? It is not only about silencing powerful women, but it is about silencing women in general. Silencing women who are so connected with their intuition, nature, the Cosmos, and the Divine, so that those in power can do whatever they want, treating us as crazy, because what we say is not yet proved by science, which means logic. But luckily these days, a lot can be explained by science already, which they don’t want to acknowledge as well. Women who are connected with unseen cosmic forces know and see every lie and manipulation and they know it, so they try to control it in order to keep their power. We all know how this is called, the Patriarchy. But also, what is important here, is that it is not just about women. It is about men as well. Men who are connected with their heart and intuition, with the feminine aspect and find femininity as sacred, because they healed their inner wounds, child and an image of a woman, they can see through lies and manipulations as well. That is why we need to stand together and unite.

Rape Culture – Medusa has been stigmatized and has unjustifiably been blamed for the consequences of male lust. She was unfairly blamed for “provoking” a god with her beauty. Instead of punishing her abuser, Athena, supposedly the goddess of wisdom, punished her by turning her into a hideous monster. It can be said that Medusa is an ancient representation of sexual stigma that still happens today. It’s still a matter of contention that rape victims are often blamed for the rape and, in some cultures, are vilified, ostracized and labeled ‘damaged goods’ by society.”

This part gave me so many insights and this is what I observe a lot nowadays within society. It happens on all levels. Men and women blame other women for being provocative, but in fact, I believe this is exactly the myth living in our subconscious minds. Those in power, both so-called “Gods and Goddesses”, blame victims, while in fact they have overused their power and put all the blame on the victims. Not to mention that this pattern is also encrypted in the story of Adam and Eve in my opinion, but that is another story, yet, a similar pattern. Perhaps when you say someone not to do something (reaping the apple), it means you have something to hide? And perhaps it is exactly why a woman starts using her discernment and intuition to discover what is hidden? And then she is the one who is blamed for reaping the fruit and giving is to Adam. Some consider apple as a symbol of consciousness. Anyway, going back to Medusa, first of all, we can see that Gods are depicted in Greek mythology as human forms, just like us. However, because they had knowledge and power and put themselves on a pedestal, people started worshiping them, giving away their power to them as well, because they were not aware of their own power, their own divinity. And this is continued until today. Another aspect of this is, that those in power, simply because they are aware of their power and they have more knowledge, carry more responsibility. And as they do, they have no right to blame the victim whom they have taken advantage of. You have more power if you are more conscious of your own power, whether a woman or a man. And if you call yourself a God, it is expected that you know your power, right? According to the myth, Medusa was very beautiful and she was rejecting Poseidon’s seduction. Some would still maybe even say that it was Medusa tempting him, who knows, yet the story says that she did not reciprocate his attempts. But even if she tempted him, the God, Poseidon, if he was a true God, he would have never raped her and taken advantage of her. Because his divine integrity would have just told him to walk away and be compassionate of her unconscious behavior. I say again, this is the scenario, that we would consider trying to see the story from different angles. In this story also, Medusa is the only one in her family who is mortal, so we might say she is considered unconscious by them. All the rest are “Gods”, so we could consider them conscious. But in fact, those who overuse their power against others are never really conscious. They are just evil in disguise calling themselves Gods, which in the human language could be diagnosed as narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy, or a ‘God’s syndrome”. It happens on all levels, in politics, corporations, and churches. It happens when people are not allowed to speak their truth about being raped or abused in any form by a priest, by a neighbour, by a celebrity, by a politician, by a rich man or by being gaslighted and mentally abused by a female boss, politician, even mother etc. It happens not only to women, but also to children and men. Medusa is a symbol of every silent victim who is blamed and ostracised, because of others cannot control their own instincts. It is the symbol of those in power overusing others for their own desires and control, it is a symbol of lies, manipulations and hiding the truth for the protection of the system and family members (Poseidon was the uncle of Athena). It is also a symbol of destructive jealousy among women (Athena was considered to be jealous of Medusa’s beauty), which is in fact taking place only when women are disconnected from their feminine aspect and are insecure about their femininity and therefore of their sexual energy.

Femme Fatale – Medusa is the archetypal femme fatale. Medusa symbolizes death, violence, and erotic desire. Once an enthralling beauty she was turned into a monstrosity after she was raped by a god. Such is her beauty that even powerful men couldn’t resist her charms. She can be equally enchanting and dangerous, and in some cases, she can be fatal. She remains one of the most identifiable femmes fatales even today.”

In addition to what has been mentioned above, the Femme Fatale symbol I read in various ways. But what these ways have in common is a lack of consciousness. Lack of consciousness of the feminine aspect and sexual energy. Sexual energy is the energy of  life and creation. It is within us so that we can create life and for this reason, it is the most powerful energy existing in the Universe. We have forgotten how to use sexual energy to create life and instead this energy has been manipulated and overused by “Gods”. One example of it is the lack of education and as a result, lack of responsibility in society which is “compensated” by the use of media and other forms of mass information to depict sexual energy in a very distorted manner. It also creates a false understanding of it. Constant manipulation happens on a mass level. We can compare it to teenagers nowadays, who are being dressed in a let’s say “provocative manner”, because they are just not aware of who they really are yet and are trying to express themselves in various ways, one of them is provocative, mostly because these are the ways media and society show them. And when the rape happens, the same people, even sometimes the institutions who serve these “standards” through media, blame them for being provocative. This is a tragedy for the whole society and it only represents the unconscious and the scapegoating pattern living in the society. It is only when our shadow aspect (which in this case is our sexual desire) is kept secret or not used wisely, we externalise it in many different distorted forms so that we could experience it in external reality. To some extent, we all take part in it, until we run through our subconscious patterns. Yet, again, more responsibility always goes with those in power, who feed and support such patterns deliberately to degrade society and keep it more under control. Medusa was considered mortal, simply because on some level and through the ages and myths, a woman was considered mortal and a man was considered immortal. Why was that so? Perhaps due to the fact, that female energies are more aligned with the Earth, water and the body (material aspects of reality). So yes, the body is mortal, the Spirit- the ether is the masculine aspect and is considered immortal. Every human being, no matter the gender is both- female and male, the body and spirit connected as one, as it consists of these two energies. So we are all mortal and immortal at the same time. Femme Fatale for me is the aspect of sexual energy within us, which we all need to learn how to use for the good instead of abusing and overpowering or overgiving and keeping ourselves in the victim pattern. The energy that is so much desired by men and even women, those in power, that they will play any game, use every manipulation and lie, to have it and use it for their own benefit and pleasure. 

There is a variety of lessons from this story, some of which were already uncovered. There is also one more. Medusa was killed by Poseidon by him cutting her head off. This is how witches were killed as well, because they who did that, believed that when the head is cut off, the witch will not be reborn. But why do that when Medusa and women, in general, were considered mortal? Perhaps this was another hypocrisy of the “Gods”? The fact that immediately after Medusa’s head was cut off, two of her sons- Pegasus and Chrysaor sprang forth from her neck because she was pregnant with Poseidon after the rape. Not only, the “God” wanted to kill her but also yet unborn children of his. Interestingly enough, both of them were male….No matter how much the “Gods” will try to destroy the evidence of the crime, the truth shall always prevail, as it is eternal. 

The feminine, the life, the creation energy is eternal and is within us all.

Now, what do you feel and think about the messages Medusa’s story may have for you and society?

With love,

mARTa 🌿 Inspired by Nature



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