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Meaning in life- whom do you work for?


I hear from friends and my clients, that especially nowadays, they think more and more about who they work for and if their job has a real meaning.

Of course it depends on the life situation, we all need to provide some sort of stability for ourselves and our families and once it is achieved and even more, we start to think about the deeper meaning of our lives.

Some say- ”there is war just next to us, does working for a fashion company has a real value?”

Well, I would say, that whatever you do that is according to what you truly want and believe without harming others, is obviously right for you. If you are happy, enjoying it, creating your stability, not harming anyone, continue doing that.

But if you actually started to think about that, perhaps there is a deeper reason?

Maybe it is not about what you do, but also who do you work for? 

Very often, when we work in huge organizations, we don’t even know the owners. The owner affects the whole business with his/hers energy, values, intentions, actions.

Have you ever thought of:

  • Who is the owner of the business I work for?
  • Whose money do I multiply?
  • Does the business I work for treat people and Planet well?
  • Do the values of the company are aligned with mine?
  • Do I share the vision of the company I work for?
  • Is the owner of the company I work for a person I admire and trust?

Companies became soulless organizations, simply as very often we only know a name and formal status. We know nothing about the owners, on some level we are disconnected from the knowing but on another level, it all affects us.

Do you know for whom do you work for?

Marta ?

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