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Recently I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about the „event”. 

As we are in the process of Ascension, meaning rise of the consciousness, the event is considered to be a major flash of light from the Central Sun of our Galaxy. I am not an astrologist, so whatever I read, I check how it resonates with me and I always put it through my own inner filter and intuition. As I have my own insights, I am being a mindful observer of the reality, but also a humble student who is always in the process of learning.

It is also considered to be a major shift of the Consciousness. As this cosmic energy influence as strongly, no matter if we are aware of it or not, our consciousness also raise. Some of us are in tune with these energies doing their inner work and helping others and some are totally unaware, but still are under the influence.

What may occur when tremendous amount of light will be received and activated? How the dark side, or actually the shadow aspect of both- individual and collective consciousness, shall react? What may occur with us and on a collective level?

I feel that in some way, it all depends on the level of consciousness of each individual as each of us is an important part of the collective, the consciousness. We are Consciousness. Therefore we co-create the reality.

So, do we have any influence on when the "Event" takes place? I believe we do. And our inner work is exactly for this reason. The more of us is active and awaken, the quicker we will get to where we are going.

Are you an active co-creator or passive participant?

Me friend compared it to a mathematical equation and that resonated with me a lot! Immediately my mind showed me how it may work. I closed my eyes and I saw the number of almost 8 billion people of our Planet as numbers in such equation. As a part of it. Then, depending on a level of consciousness and therefore actions taken by individual, the result of the equation appears. Every action is an energy and paves certain path forward. As many individuals and their possible paths, that many possible results. Therefore, we say that the Universe has got unlimited number of possibilities. For this reason, it so important that every individual takes conscious action. Action driven by the heart and Soul connection, as only heart and Soul can’t be influenced and manipulated by external situations. Heart and Soul always knows best! Heart and Soul are connected with the Source.

What does it mean in more practical way? Imagine yourself as a set of numbers. Your personal set of numbers, your own equation. Do you know your own equation? Do you know what and who you are? If yes, you are already taking part in raising consciousness by being in the position of the great equation which is right for you. You already are in the path of the right result. When it is right for you, it is also right for others. What happens when you don’t know who or what you are? When you don’t know where is your place in the great pattern, the great equation? You constantly confuse the result. For yourself and for others, for the greater result. The result changes constantly anyway, like a huge computer, perhaps the quantum computer works this way. If you don’t know who you are, you don’t know where your position is. When you listen to others, when you are driven by the external influences, it is like putting yourself in the position of someone else, instead of your own, which is the only right and unique for you. 

What is the greater result? Nobody knows in details, because the details are within each of us and we can only go into the right direction, when every individual is in its own and unique position, taking its unique actions, decisions and therefore responsibility. Only then we are getting closer to the right result.

How do you know if you are in the right position? If you are and do what you came here to do? You can recognise it by the way you feel. By your own vibrations, the energy. If who you are and what you do and express yourself makes you happy, joyful, healthy and abundant, you are on your right path. If you feel unhappy, depressed, sick, lost, lack of purpose, I wish you to explore and find your path, find your position in the great equation by discovering who you are. 

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? You can easily start with them:

Who am I?

What I came here to do/express? 

What makes me happy? 

Where am I in the great equation?

What is my position? My role?

What my heart is calling me for?

When you start seeking answers, they will start to unfold. I can guarantee this. However, you need to be open for receiving them. It will speak to you through the whole Universe and reality around you, it will, until you will see it.

This is how you start to communicate with your Soul. 

It always responds if you really want to listen. And you will be supported on your journey.

What does your Soul whisper to you today?

With love, 

Marta ???



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