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How are we going to get to the The New Earth?


The New Earth (or as I like to call it, the New HeartH) is the high dimension reality of Unconditional love that is within you. It is within all of us. 

What does it mean the ‘high dimension reality’ or as some say ‘5th dimensional* (or 7 or even higher) reality’? Masaru Emoto calls it the ‘God’s realm’ which contains all unforeseen information. It is Field of Consciousness or just Consciousness. It is Love as Love is all that is. Love is a Source.

If we trust that there is something greater than us, which we could call God, the Source, the Higher Intelligence, All that is or the Consciousness, Divine or however we’d like to call It, something greater than we are, that created everything (the Creation) through unconditional love, we could feel Its presence and connection and have faith in Its higher knowing. So it would mean that the Creation is the God’s expression of unconditional love, exactly as it is.

When you act and create from the level of your heart and Soul, you became a true co-creator, a God’s expression in the physical reality. Because your heart and Soul are your connection to the Divine.

When you act from unconditional love you bring the highest frequencies of creation into the physical reality. This is how you give healing to others and the Planet.

What specifically does it mean to act and create from the level of your heart and Soul?

It means:

  • Ability to understand and know yourself on all levels: emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Ability to take over responsibility for you life, because only then you can posses your own power, your own energy field fully
  • Ability to express yourself freely in physical reality, through your gifts, talents and skills, because that is the reason of having talents, gifts and skills and this what all came here for
  • Ability to manifest your dreams and needs effortlessly in the physical reality
  • Ability to feel and express love, gratitude and compassion towards other beings and Nature
  • Ability to act with kindness, love and compassion
  • Ability to feel connection with All that is
  • Ability to accept other beings as equal to one another
  • Ability to build bridges in order to create reality exceeding the dual perception
  • Ability to find common goals as a foundation for co-creation
  • Activate and use your telepathy abilities
  • Ability to use your intuition as an inner compass
  • Ability to help and support others in their growth
  • Ability to consciously create your reality through the power of your loving thoughts, intentions and inspired action
  • Unhide and develop higher ancient abilities of levitation, shaping matter, bilocation (I can sense that it exists in the higher dimensions and will be borough and fullu activated within people when the time is right and when humanity is ready)
  • It means for you to be happy and fulfilled!

How are we going to get there?

We will get there by shifting our consciousness through inner work. Every change starts from within. As only by taking individual responsibility for ones life, we can become true co-creators. We are shifting our consciousness by creating healthy, loving patterns of living and behaving because only then each of us knows what actions to take, when and how and with whom to connect. We don't need anyone to tell us what to do, to control us, as can control ourselves. Only then each Soul is connected with the Source and acts from that place.

In more details, we will get there by:

  • Learning and practicing self-love as a base for every relationship in our lives
  • Learning and practicing to balance our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within to overcome the duality patterns
  • Learning and practicing to handle and master our emotions
  • Learning and practicing to handle our thoughts as our thoughts create our reality
  • Learning and practicing to take care of our bodies, as our bodies are vehicles for our Souls,  they need to be healthy and free of toxins to be able to use its own amazing energy and manifest our needs and dreams 
  • Discovering and fulfilling our needs and dreams from the place of love in order to experience fullness and abundance 
  • Practicing to experience feelings of love and gratitude 
  • Discovering who we are on deeper levels- transcendental approach
  • Connecting with our heart and Soul
  • Learning and practicing to cooperate and co-create with others through common goals, compassion, creativity and a lot more
  • Learning and practicing to communicate with love, kindness and compassion
  • Learning and practicing to understand and manage our energy field
  • Learning and practicing that we co-create our reality
  • Spending time in Nature, connecting with Nature as we are a part of it
  • Taking care of the Planet as our common home
  • Taking care of our body which is a vehicle for our Soul to experience physical reality
  • Surrendering and trusting in Divine Forces as Divine Forces are Unconditional Love

Let's meet in The New Hearth and co-create this high dimensional reality on the physical plane ?

"The Higher your awareness of the Divine becomes, the more you tune into the vast realms of spirit and soul, where the mind is ruled by the heart and soul and not mind ruling the heart. You tend to feel more intensely than before, but now feelings become aligned to the fact that you are part of particle of All-that-is and to harm anyone is to harm yourself". ~Judith Kusel, "Soul Empowerment"

With love,

Marta 🌍💚✨

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